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Malaika Arora slams a troller in Instagram

Malaika Arora is one of the well known for her cool character in Bollywood. The actress recently updated a picture of her on Instagram, and one of her followers commented on the photo. Commenter wrote. 'This what these shit women do these days. Marry a rich guy then divorce him for huge alumni. And then have fun with that alumni. Why do u need alumni if u are capable of earning... I respect ppl and not the gender... her life now is all about wearing short clothes, going to gym or salon, enjoying the vacation. Do u seriously have any work....Or just feeding urself on the husband's money. The word is alimony.'


Replying to the comment. Malaika wrote. 'I donot indulge in such conversation coz it's below my dignity, but I jus had to @feelgoodfabric coz u certainly got to get ur damn facts right before spewing shit n slagging me off when u know nothing bout me.except sit n pass judgment on other people's life. i seriously suggest u find something to do with ur time coz u clearly have better to do in life.'


'Instagram post not spell checked.'