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Sripriya and Sathish tweet about Bigg Boss episode

Yesterday's episode of the trending Bigg Boss reality show had a lot of commotion and confusion. The housemates were assigned a task to act as mentally affected people and Vaiyapuri was assigned the task of being the doctor, while Shakthi and Ganesh were supposed to play the role of wardens. Amidst this task, there was a lot of fiaschi concerning Oviya's love for Aarav. Many felt that Oviya is acting, but the rest did believe that she was truly head over heels for the handsome inmate.

As this was happening, actress Sripriya and dance choreographer Sathish, two of Kollywood's leading followers of the show kept updating their Twitter handle with tweets about their opinions on the show. We bring you a small compilation of the tweets made by them.


''Today episode total confusion''
''I support Oviya''
''Classy background itseems 
raiza my foot .nalla kallaipangalam enga pappom''


"Pls veettukku ponga gayathri"
"G uses the 'H'word again!!! huh can't she stop this pls....😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡"
"Raiza gets her own sin in a new plate! காதல் தோல்வி role! Now in Oviya's shoes...feel the bite lady..."
"They all have only one topic to argue'Oviya'"

**The Tweets are not spell-checked

Sripriya and Sathish tweet about Bigg Boss episode

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