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Actress Sripriya wants Julie to exit the Bigg Boss house

Actress Sripriya is an ardent Bigg Boss follower, someone who never feels shy to express her opinion about the show. She is a supporter of Oviya. Check what she had to say about yesterday's red carpet incident.

"It's a pity Julie's voice is as bad as her, Yes Oviya get back to yr self. I also want Julie to go. Oviya wants love from all but disgusted as each1is2timing, she will be fine if she gets back2b herself&ppl likeG3 stop pretending to b good. I wonder if ganeh's humanity went for a walk when Bharani was cornered!"

She also came up with a suggestion to allow one visitor into the house every week to make the contestants understand what the audiences think about them."BB should have a guest visiting them every alternate week who will give each one a hint of what ppl think of them & ask each one a question from what they have observed.iand one message or a letter from their family that might give them a quick connect with the world outside&Also to correct themselves if necessary".

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Actress Sripriya wants Julie to exit the Bigg Boss house

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