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Actress Harathi tweets in support of Oviya

Comedy actress Harathi Ganesh, who got eliminated from the Bigg Boss reality show a few weeks ago, is quite active on Twitter and follows the show and gives her opinions on it. She was one of the few housemates who did not have a personal enmity with Oviya. Today, she has taken to Twitter after watching a promotional video for the day's happenings.

Today's first promo had showcased Oviya in a bad mood, where she has decided not to eat anything at the house until she gets called by the Bigg Boss, and when offered food, she asks them not to care too much about her as her mom is there to take care of her. It is also shown as to how all the other contestants are cornering her and talking behind her back about her behavior. Tagging the video link of this promo, Harathi tweeted, '' oviya darling Amma maadri anboda 4.5cr makkal irukkom.. Rock on... Never ever give up..''

Support for Oviya, all over the state is extremely high, and she had reportedly garnered over four crore votes when she was pushed into the nominations for eviction. This week again, Oviya has been nominated for eviction, but support for her keeps flowing in from all directions.

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Actress Harathi tweets in support of Oviya

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