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Simbu and dancer Sathish debate about Bigg Boss contestants

Simbu engaged in small fun debate with choreographer and actor Sathish about Bigg Boss. Sathish looked so pumped up while Simbu's replies were more calm and spiritual.  

Sathish‏ - "Gay3 have not taken Oviya as friend instead of telling everything to Shakthi u could have spoke to Oviya . So u r showing some stunts".

STR‏ - "Why judge? Let's just accept the way they are. Gayathri is not a bad person or others as well, situation and circumstances make one G or B".

Sathish - "Yes sir situation makes them act but it cannot be justified being bad to a situation is good.when damages been created one after another."

STR - "True lets just forgive , once she comes out she will obviously understand her mistakes . And everyone else for that matter . hope for unity. its better to make them understand than to abuse them. just because we like Oviya for what she is why hurt others ? spread love".

Sathish - "G3 always see this as a competition but talk as though they are family.gay3 listen and speak to Shakthi cos he is son of p.vasu nothing more".

STR‏ - "All I'm saying is lets not abuse them and just show our support to whom we love . obviously everyone will understand . simple as that. I'm not supporting nor I'm against anyone, i just like oviya for the way she is thats all . am i clear now?".

Sathish - "We are jus spectators sir.when season 2 starts who is going to talk about this its jus current craze over the show.But a reality check."

STR - "lol true and it would super fun if you participate in the next season . il vote for u da . haaaahaaaaa".

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Simbu and dancer Sathish debate about Bigg Boss contestants

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