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Dancer Sathish talks about Bigg Boss red carpet controversy

Yesterday's Bigg Boss has created a lot of controversies mainly after the Oviya-Julie red carpet incident. Few criticized Oviya for her harsh behavior while some supported her claiming what she did what right. Check out choreographer/actor Sathish's view via Twitter:

"Wat Oviya did was absolutely not fair but I support her emotion. Red carpet respect to the women of lie damn. So 50-50 #bigboss. Gay3 commenting on Julie judging skill simply superb but uppumuttai is too much. But end result lovely all fall down. Julie deserves it. 

House mates expecting a new high time need a good friend for Oviya. Hope she/
he  will be her friend. Raiza simply a waste paper in house.n bloody no more Julie anchoring skills sometimes overacting.vjtv anchor chance koduthudatheena🙏🙏🙏🙏.

After bb don
promote her as anchor pala best anchors ah uruvakina channel konjam pathukoonga. Nothing Jus haters will become more. After the footage shown if Julie would have spoken to Oviya and sorted this task would have been smooth so singa pathai correct than.

Emma Julie pls stop ur solo
dramas  that u found a family n etc not able to take it with that drama u will no way earn a single vote. This one day judge skill will make housemates to take strong decision on nominating Julie for captain . Thanks for the teaser.

Oviya breaking down that's sad hope she recovers. Entha
oru thadavey Na nayamma iruthen Julie says to raiza . Finally she said it . This is enough nee nominate aagu ma".

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Dancer Sathish talks about Bigg Boss red carpet controversy

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