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Snehan slams the society for not recognizing good talent

Lyricist Snehan, while speaking at the press meet of the film, Oru Iyakkunarin Kadhal Dairy, got very emotional about how Ilayaraaja has not received proper recognition. He lashed out at the National awards and the Padma awards at the meet.

While referring to Ilayaraja, he said, '' It is wrong that you were born dark-skinned. At least one university should have been there in your name, at least 3-4 roads in your name or at least one school named after you. We don't need a society which doesn't give the apt recognition for someone when they are alive. After the death of someone, they will award him Padma Vibhushan and Padma Bhushan; I say go and burn those awards. Recognize someone when they are alive. Someone who has worked very hard, must receive some amount of returns as appreciations right? There is scarcity in recognition for someone who has worked hard". 

On director Velu Prabhakaran, he said, "The same way, everybody thinks Velu Prabhakaran is only capable of making films with adult content (''Matter padam''). No, It is not so. In fact sex is also a part of your life, isn't it? Yes, life inside the bedroom is different from life outside it, but a man needs guts to bring this matter to light and Prabhakaran has done just that. He also deserves recognition for this, but nobody gives it.''

Snehan slams the society for not recognizing good talent

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