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Bigg Boss contestant Harathi warns the organizers

Actress Harathi, an ex-Bigg Boss contestant who got eliminated a few weeks back constantly updates her thoughts about the show via Twitter. Post her eviction, she has become a supporter of Oviya and now she has given a caution to the Bigg Boss management to Telecast the real truth behind Oviya and Aarav incident.

In today's episode, Oviya would be talking to Kamal Haasan outside the Bigg Boss house. Harathi and other Oviya fans are expecting that the real back story behind and Aarav and Oviya relationship will be revealed tonight. It may be Oviya's last Bigg Boss episode of the season.

Check out what Harathi had to say, "Caution :உண்மை துலங்கனும் இல்லனா #OviyaArmy  துலக்கிடுவாங்க.. 💪." She says if Bigg Boss management doesn't reveal the truth tonight, Oviya Army will make sure that it will happen one day.

Harathi also says Oviya is a Darling of masses, "Darling of hearts💕Oviya💕 in BB house 💐🌟🌠💫she continues game with good health and full Josh!!!🎆🎊🎉🎇
I believe!! How many of u with me??"

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Bigg Boss contestant Harathi warns the organizers

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