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Oviya is officially out of Bigg Boss house

One of the major contributors to Bigg Boss' TRP as to be Oviya. Her honest, straight forward nature made a lot of people watch the show. Since yesterday night, there is a huge buzz doing the rounds saying that Oviya has eliminated herself from Bigg Boss due to some medical issues.

Though the Bigg Boss official have been keeping the news as a secret till now, they have now officially revealed that she is out of the Bigg Boss house. They have released a photo of Oviya sitting along with Kamal Haasan. She is all smiles without any stress in the picture. We presume she is back to normal. Rumors are surfing around that there are talks with Oviya to make her get back into the house. But we will only know about that post today's Bigg Boss episode. 

Oviya is officially out of Bigg Boss house

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