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Oviya's old photo that she has come of Big Boss show go viral.

Social media is known for instant updates about any happening from any part of the world. Last night we saw few tags trending and amongst which Big Boss's most happening contestant Oviya trending. One common phrase which made loud noise was 'Oviya is already out of Big Boss' with a picture of her sitting inside a red colour. And, people presumed she is returning to her home after stepping out of Big Boss. But, did she really step out of Big Boss?


In yesterday's episode Oviya was seen requesting Big Boss to have a doctor arranged to check how stable she is? If she is declared unstable, she was ready to move out, citing medical reasons. Same time, there were rumors which said she is already out of Big Boss and interestingly there was a picture of her from a car which was also trending. This gave an impression that Oviya is out already and the Sunday episode might eliminate her is the public's assumptions.


But reports say, the alleged picture that is trending on social media is not the recently captured one. The picture is said to be at least several months old. To make it more clear, Oviya is still in Big Boss house, and her decision of stepping out of Big Boss due to medical reasons is yet to happen. Next few days will be crucial to know if Oviya will continue in the show or she would step out.

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Oviya's old photo that she has come of Big Boss show go viral.

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