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Kamal Haasan and Saif Ali Khan to work in a film titled Amar Hai
Below is an official press note on Kamal Haasan's Bollywood film Amar Hai where he shares the screen space with Bollywood star Saif Ali Khan.
Legendary actor-director, Kamal Haasan is set to make a Bollywood film ‘Amar Hai’, an action thriller produced by Virendra K. Arora and Arjun N.Kapoor. Slated to be a dual hero subject, the film will see Saif Ali Khan sharing the screen space with Kamal Haasan in this poignant story that touches upon the modern-day politics, finance and the underworld.
“Amar Hai is special to us in many ways” said the producers. "One, it is that iconic project which is set to mark the much-awaited comeback of Kamal Haasan to Hindi cinema. Two, the film will see Kamal Haasan wearing multiple hats, that of an actor and a director on a story penned by him. And three, from the outset of scripting this film since the past 6 years, Kamal Haasan has had Saif Ali Khan in mind for the lead role and the actor has been clued in about his involvement in the mega project."
The story travels from Mumbai to North India and traverses some picturesque international cities as the plot progresses. The producers along with the film’s mastermind Kamal Haasan are exploring shooting locations in Mumbai, Delhi, London, Dubai, Jordan and parts of the US.
Kamal Haasan fans will see the legend play a multi-layered character ​in the film. “My character though not that of a conventional antagonist would present a point of view that is far from ordinary” said the icon. Saif Ali Khan will reportedly play the lead protagonist opposite Kamal Haasan. Two female actresses are soon going to join the ensemble cast.
The producers add 
"As producers, our company is producing 4-5 films for the year 2015-2016, however, for us Mr. Kamal Haasan's film is extremely special and close to our hearts. To work with a legend, a creator and a meticulously disciplined filmmaker, we have traveled a beautiful journey together. His mastery and skill as a filmmaker add to his uniqueness.
Recently, we have approached and are in talks with Mr. Saif Ali Khan to be the leading man of the film as it could be a sparkling combination. Saif, known for his dapper looks and charming persona, is certain to mesmerize the audience and fit into the character."


Kamal Haasan and Saif Ali Khan to work in a film titled Amar Hai

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