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Actor Sampath joins Thoonga Vanam directed by Rajesh and featuring Kamal Haasan

Actor Sampath who had made an impactful portrayal in films like Aaranya Kaandam, Goa and many more, is the latest addition to the Kamal starrer Thoonga Vanam. The film directed by Rajesh features Prakash Raj, Trisha, Kishore and others. Ghibran scores music in this action thriller.


In a brief chat, Sampath talks about how he is on board Thoonga Vanam


Why we don’t see you in Tamil these days?

I have been listening to quite a lot of scripts in Tamil. I was clear that I want to do something substantial and nice. I was not keen on going back to do the same routine. Meanwhile my projects in Telugu also kept me busy. So when Rajesh called me for Thoonga Vanam, I was quite excited.


How did Thoonga Vanam happen?

Rajesh spoke to me some time back with a role in Thoonga Vanam. My fear was, what I will be doing amidst actors like Kamal and Prakash Raj. But when I heard about my role, I was quite thrilled.  Rajesh kept a track of my films and he said, after watching me in Aaranya Kaandam, he can’t give roles that are not substantial and impactful to me. He also said that he had no second choice for my role and wanted just me. When he mentioned this to Kamal sir, apparently, he also approved of it. I will be playing a very strong character in the film but can't reveal details of it.


How do you feel to be working with the legend?

I told Rajesh, to share screen space with the legend like Kamal, in itself is a big feat. For me it’s like going to a premier institute.  I always aspired to go to an IIM but as I was not good in academics, I could not do that. But now, I would be going to a premier university of acting. There is not a single department in film making that Kamal is not aware of. I am happy and I will be joining the sets from Monday, the 8th June.


Wish you the best Sampath and hope to see you more in Tamil films


Actor Sampath joins Thoonga Vanam directed by Rajesh and featuring Kamal Haasan

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