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Director Manikandan of Kaakka Muttai on the response for his film

Kaakka Muttai that was released yesterday, the 5th of June, is directed by Manikandan featuring Vignesh and Ramesh who won the National Award for Best Child Artists.


The film about two slum boys’ pursuit to eat pizza has been liked by the audience and is receiving unanimous positive response all over.


Director Manikandan who is excited about the reception to his debut film tells us, “Response for Kaakka Muttai has been more than double, triple of what we expected. We knew the film will be liked by all, but not to this extent. Theatre count has been increased. Initially we were given single show but now it has been increased. The film is moved to main screens in multiplexes and is having a good theatre occupancy. Family audiences have started coming in and I have also been told that the film has started enjoying repeat viewership”.


What is the response from the industry? “Vishal who saw the film told that he liked it a lot. I expect others to see the film this weekend.” 


A film like Kaakka Muttai is sure to be liked and appreciated by all. Congrats Team! 


Director Manikandan of Kaakka Muttai on the response for his film

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