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Ramesh Arvind talks about Uttama Villain

What is pending in Uttama Villain now?

May 21, 2014

Kamal Haasan, the professional that he is, has got back to the sets of Uttama Villain straight from Cannes Film Festival where he headed the Indian delegation.


Uttama Villain directed by Ramesh Arvind is clipping fast to the finish line with Kamal accompanied by Pooja Kumar, Andrea, Jayaram, director K Balachander in the cast list.


On the progress of the film, Ramesh Arvind says, “There are two portions in the film, one that is the 8th century and the other being the 21st century. We have completed the 21st century portions and the 8th century portions are there to be shot now”.

He also adds that since they have done an exhaustive pre-production work, all that is left now is for the execution. The film is being shot in Turkey, Madhya Pradesh, Bangalore and Chennai.


Ramesh Arvind talks about Uttama Villain

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