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Ramesh Aravind talks about the initial response to his Uttama Villain with Kamal Haasan
We had a quick chat with the director of Uttama Villain, Ramesh Aravind, in the aftermath of the film's glowing critical reception and grand opening at the box-office.
"About 85% of the comments in my social media and from my friends and family have been overwhelmingly positive. I won't say it is 100% positive and I am always open to criticism if it is genuine and honest. I am taking in all the comments and everyone is entitled to their opinions. I respect the audience's feedback and I have to consider all of their opinions for my future works so that I can avoid earlier mistakes and commit newer ones (laughs)
I am in Bangalore now and the film is going full here too thanks to Kamal sir's pull and my popularity here. But the delay was unfortunate. I was really looking forward to see the film with a crowd in a cinema hall but the delay was annoying actually. From the Dubai premiere, I landed directly in Bangalore to see the film but it didn't release. The first day's impact was definitely felt in terms of loss in business for the stakeholders."
Reacting to comments about the length of the film, he said
"Every story demands a certain length. With 2 timelines we had to do justice and this length was needed. This isn't a film with just a couple of characters, to be done short."
On the impact of the emotional scenes and whether he could foresee such an impact
"These 4 or 5 emotional scenes were aces when we read the script itself. With the right actors, preparations and rehearsals, the scenes were executed perfectly on screen too."
Stay tuned for an extensive interview soon.


Ramesh Aravind talks about the initial response to his Uttama Villain with Kamal Haasan

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