1. Is it the act of God that I'm interviewing you today? Please explain the differences between 'Will power' and 'Fate'. 

(Laughs) Fate is, I'm obliged to answer you. Will power is, I'm at least able to answer this question. Act of God is a very subjective statement to me. 'Madhiyaal dhaan vidhiyai vella mudiyum' endru nambubavan naan. Than waiting for the act of somebody on you, a collective effort might finally fetch you something you've been longing for. It’s better to initiate from within than depend on a relative term. 

2. 61 people have disliked MMKR (Micheal Madhana Kama Rajan) in YouTube. I'm planning to kill them. What is your take on today's audience response? 

There is a like for the dislike button. If there is a movie that's been loved by all, then it's dictatorship. It’s healthy to have such responses for a film. You tend to take the alternate and keep pushing yourself to try more and more. If everything is liked, there is neither progression nor development. Please make a note of all the 61 people. We will try making a better film and satisfy them. Killing is not an answer even if you meant it to be funny. Let's beat them with the art again. 

Talking about audience response, they can never ever be blamed. From home to theater to back home, it’s a costly affair now. Sadly, viewers only want to be entertained. Anything more or unconventional is a burden on their lives. Freedom of speech is limited to critiquing a film. Let them enjoy.

3. You are cinema to us. Why can't you be the next Pakkirisamy? 

This can't be an answer. I don't know why there is confusion between film certification and censorship. Pakkirisamy is one genuine soul who intends to maintain the sanctity and retain the director's vision. Such unsung heroes are to be mentioned then and there. There is much more to censorship than one person representing it. A recent list that mentioned the words to be avoided in a film was the most irritating headlines I have ever come across. Are we getting back to British rule? I have to show before I shoot? How can such baseless rules be levied upon us? Cinema is much more than telling an engaging story. There is this thought, a concept, a message that is attempted to be told to the audience. With so many restrictions and hurdles, the actual intended intent is completely lost. 

Are films taken too seriously? Maybe... This is like the whole world giving suggestions to a mother to name her child. My films and censorship issues are becoming synonymous. People demanding to see my film is pure business. There will very soon be a stop to all this. 

4. Who is Uttama Villain? 

Not a mock on cinema, but the story of an actor is Uttama Villain.  UV is a tribute to my mentors. Lot of my films have been stalled, but if UV hadn't happened, I would have had this void that can never be filled. A true blessing to have had my guru K. Balachander act alongside me. He plays Margadarsi, the real him. There is a simultaneous travel between the 8th and 21st century. Ashwin, a film school graduate from London, with no prior experience in acting plays my son. Urvashi, Andrea, Pooja and Parvathy have played their best with artists like MS Bhaskar and senior personalities like Vishwanath sir having the share of the pie.

A range of emotions have been dealt with in UV. There is also a lot of healthy humor in it. I can't tell you what is there in the film, but I can tell you what is not there in the film. There won't be cars flying, guns blazing, gravity defying somersaults and people hitting each other. There is no violence in UV. With noteworthy performances, top-class music and a heart-wrenching story, UV has a purpose. 

5. With an ambitious score from Ghibran, is there a production value matching it? 

There can't be a better music than Vaishnavo Janatho for a visual of Mahatma Gandhi. UV will be like that. The BGM and the visuals go hand in hand. There is a reason behind the magnanimity in the music, so the visuals get comprehended. Also keeping the grandeur in mind, the film's period portions will not be validated based on the production value alone, but with lot of other inputs making it look rich and authentic.

6. Your continued association with Ghibran? 

He was firstly committed for Vishwaroopam 2, but UV is releasing before that. His ability to take the briefing like the biggest priority in life, and stay committed until the best is delivered is what makes Ghibran much different. He very strongly believes, music is just an element in the film and works accordingly. He is a delight to work with. Such a calm and composed person he is. UV needed somebody well-versed with all types and genres of music. We are happy about the way the music has been received. 

7. One of the songs talks about 'Big Bang Theory'. 

I so badly want everybody to notice that particular song and talk about it. Like a child waiting to be noticed, an attempt has gone into the writing of the song. Multiple listens will tell you the deeper meaning fused in it. Please make that song famous. 

8. Why Ramesh Aravind? 

He is my long time associate. We have a professional understanding and there is a similar wavelength that helps us go by sync. He has already directed me in the Kannada remake of Sathi Leelavathi. We discuss lot of stories and he was impressed by UV's line and wanted to make the film. Lot from his side has gone into the film and nobody else could have made the creative process so easy. 

Kamaludan Naan !   

Ulaganayaganukku enna theriyadhu? 

Ipdiye pochuna, Kannu theriyadhu !

Vishwaroopam 2?

I have no clue. I wish I had an answer. Everything is ready. Producers have to take care of the rest. 


After all the nasam (cases), the film is ready. 

Kiss and you? 

I don't see a life without a kiss. I haven't left my home without kissing my mother's cheeks or the vice-versa. How about you? 


Depends. I am inspired by a lot of things around. I resemble my mother and father. I am not an original. The degree differs.

Shruti and Akshara?

I am happy.