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By Vaishvedhidha | May 10, 2019 07:27 PM

Upon coming across a piece of news about a man, who in search of his ex-girlfriend went to Raja Rani actress Rithika's house in Vadapalani mistakenly to propose marriage, we at Behindwoods tried to reach the actress to confirm whether the news is true? To our utter shock, she denied the news. She even went on to say that she has no connection with the news and that she doesn't live here in Chennai and she is put up in Mumbai.

Raja Rani actress Rithika denies the news on a marriage proposal

The actress stated, "My friends informed me of the news after seeing it in a popular media. I tried calling them up and they redirected me to the main office. I couldn't reach them. But now every media has posted it."

She went on to say how she was utterly shocked that they didn't check with her to confirm the news or for using her name. "I read it as news just like you all read it. They have used my name, my photo, my dad's name, shouldn't they have asked me? they just got news from the station and reported it and now it is all over Tamil Nadu. I am not involved in it. I didn't give a complaint, the house he had gone to isn't mine, the dad he spoke to isn't mine, my parents aren't even here in Chennai. The one who posted this report first should have asked me and confirmed it with me. I didn't know how to act on this, I thought of ignoring it. But today, it is even on the radio. There is much important news in the world, why this," the actress laughs with an underlying tone of sadness.

She also shared how her parents are worried regarding the news and how it affects them. "My parents are worried, what if someone comes like this, they are panicked. My parents want me to come back, they weren't happy earlier now they are scared." When asked about whether someone had approached her to check about the news, she stated that one channel has called up to confirm. She appreciated that we, Behindwoods, had called her to confirm with her. She also stated that her dad asked, "even if it had happened, how can they use the photo or name without permission?"

"I thought it will settle down but I didn't expect it to blow up like this," the upcoming actress said dejectedly. You can watch the video here.

*The pictures have been taken from the actress's Facebook page.