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By Vaishvedhidha | Apr 11, 2019 02:31 PM

During an interview with Behindwoods Air, Madai Thirandhu show, Kanimozhi, DMK's Tuticorin candidate, spoke of various things related to the elections.

Will BJP benefit from the hate at the end Kanimozhi responds

She named Sterlite, unemployment and water scarcity as the major issues related to Tuticorin and its people. As she mentioned Sterlite, when asked about why DMK's manifesto didn't mention of Sterlite considering it is a state issue, she responded saying that was the reason they have mentioned that they won't support any industry that causes environmental issues and she also said since it was a company and mentioning a company specifically in a party's manifesto is not advisable.

She also spoke about the small-scale industries and how revenue could be generated using the tourist potential present and how not everything should be based on corporate.

When asked about the anti-BJP stand and their aim to defeat a party, she said it is not the party that they are against but their ideology that the opposition does not agree with. When the anchor Gabriel pointed out that the parties against BJP are all split and asked if BJP might benefit from this, Kanimozhi said, not all can stay in the same platform and complained that there are parties that are working as BJP's B-team to split the votes of the opposition. To which the anchor pointed out that the party has called actor-turned-politician Kamal as BJP's B-team while he has spoken out against BJP in several instances and asked are they calling him so because he didn't form a coalition with them and she responded saying that she cannot specify the names of the people yet and once she gets proof, she will name them.

The anchor mentioned Anbumani Ramadoss's stand on iodized salt as a health minister when he was with UPA government which caused the decline of salt industry in Tuticorin and Kanimozhi said research shows that it is not necessary for everybody to use iodized salt and she will see it scraped it off.

Vaiko was also mentioned during the interview and why he didn't do campaign for her considering he has 10% vote in the place, she responded saying he started his campaigning in Tuticorin and that he is supportive.

When asked about how BJP's candidate Tamilisai and DMK's candidate Kanimozhi are more related to Delhi, the Centre, she said just because she goes to Delhi as a respresentative, it doesn't mean she is related and that she belongs in and to Tamil Nadu. For detailed interview, please watch the video.