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By Vaishvedhidha | Apr 09, 2019 12:00 PM

Udhayanidhi gets candid in an interview with Behindwoods Air in the show Madai Thirandhu. He is a star speaker for DMK. When asking if he faced any pressure, he said he has campaigned for DMK from the beginning and it wasn't new for him. He also said that his first campaign turned out to be a success.

Police entry in middle of Udhayanidhi Stalin interview Ch

He also clarified how his statement about Thamizhachi Thangapandiyan was misinterpreted and passed a snide remark about how BJP and co excelled at Photoshop and that is how they twisted it.

When asked about his remarks on Anbumani Ramadoss, he said he only mentioned what he told and he didn't add anything new. He also said how Anbumani degraded the CM a month ago and is now in the same coalition. He wondered how they travel in the same campaign van after all this.

When asked about Kamal's MNM and calling it a B-team, he said while it is a good thing he started a party to do public service, he asked what was he doing in the past 50 years when there was corruption and why he is blaming DMK, a party that wasn't in power for the past 7 years, for corruption.

When asked by the anchor, Gabriel, about his debut into politics, the actor said it has been going on and on ever since, and he is going to concentrate on what he does. When asked if he was willing to contest in elections if the party demands, he said he is not ready yet and there are more deserving candidates out there.

He also spoke about how Modi was disliked throughout the state and how people are aware of EPS and OPS being a slave to the PM. No longer, his spot to campaign arrived and his energy and reception were noteworthy.

He continued answering the anchor's questions after the campaign. When they were about to end the interview, the van was pulled over as police approached. Police wished him and bid adieu and Udhayanidhi was friendly and polite with them. You can watch the entire interview here.