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By Vaishvedhidha | Apr 10, 2019 12:41 PM

During a press meet, covered by Behindwoods Air Republic Nodigal show, May 17 Movement's Thirumurgan Gandhi spoke about various things concerning the state.

Not Apollo but what happened in Bengaluru Jail is important claims

He spoke about how BJP's manifesto read that elections will be conducted for state and nation together. He called it anti-democratic and questioned about how what will happen if one government in dissolved and what will happen to the others. He also insisted that if this prevails, india will go under dictatorship rule. He also claimed that the Election Commission is under BJP's influence. He warned that if the same government persists, then soon military will be taken under the government's control leading to dictatorship like Hitler.

He also spoke about the Kisan Credit Card and said farmers will go under debt under the scheme but there was no scheme to develop farmers and farming. He also speaks about Baratmala Pariyojana and Sagarmala Project and how it destroys farmlands in the name of roads and he also spoke about how 8-lane Chennai-Salem highway will be brought back under this scheme.

He spoke about how ADMK has linked hands with BJP and how they are lacking in welfare schemes. He registered that they don't want this coalition to win the election. He also claimed that BJP's members are involved in sexual harassments. He noted that he was arrested for talking for a girl who was sexually harassed but the government doesn't arrest the harasser.

He also claimed that people from various fields, like former judges, poets, writer, and people from film industry, all around the nation are against BJP.

He spoke about his jail term and how he was denied access to various places and how he was given food by them. He registered his suspicion of the food and his degrading health ever since."If something happens to my health, the blame would completely be on the governments" and spoke of the way they treat political prisoners. He also mentioned other people who have had the same effect. He said it isn't important what happened to Jayalalitha in Apollo but what happened in Bangalore Jail is important. For detailed interview, you can watch the video here.