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By Dhiraj | May 06, 2019 10:37 PM

Daniel Vettori who was the coach of RCB was replaced by Gary Kirsten this year recently spoke about Virat Kohli as captain.

Vettori about Kohli\'s captaincy

He said that Virat Kohli is someone who relies heavily on intuitions and understanding of the game rather than just numbers.

He said on ESPN Cricinfo that "When I used to speak to him or any other coaches speak to him, there is always a conversation around what you think is best, where can this work,It wouldn't always be a number-driven conversation. It would be around some intuition and understanding of the game. I think, ultimately, when you sold a compelling story to Virat, he was always on board, open to listen and that made him such a good captain,"

RCB did not have a good start losing 6 matches in a row at the start and ended up at the bottom of the table. Kohli after the last game said that they came back well in the second half of the tournament and hence doesn't feel like a really bad tournament for them and says that they will definitely come back stronger next season.