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By Dhiraj | May 05, 2019 08:39 PM

India's number four position has been debated for a long time now and has even become a controversial topic since the announcement of the Worldcup squad.

Rayudu and Vijay Shankar have exactly same results after 14 matches

Ambati Rayudu was the preferred option at that spot until recently where his form dipped and was replaced by Vijay Shankar. When the selectors made this announcement saying they preferred Vijay Shankar for his three-dimensional abilities, Ambati Rayudu posted a tweet which was almost mocking that statement as he said he was going to buy '3-D' glasses to watch the world cup.

Looking at their forms in this IPL, it is strange to find out that both Rayudu and Vijay Shankar after playing 14 matches in the group stages of this year's IPL have scored exactly 219 runs at an average of 19.9. It is really amazing that two players who were pitted against each other have produced the exact same results.