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By Dhiraj | May 03, 2019 09:37 PM

With the Worldcup just around the corner, the talk about the Worldcup and predictions have started coming in.

The latest to join the list is Sachin Tendulkar who spoke about the world cup recently.

Sachin Tendulkar predicts India to win the Worldcup
He believes that India will win the world cup this year as he said "It will be coming to India" talking about the Worldcup. He expects that the wickets for the tournament will be "batting beauties".
He referred to the Champions trophy where the wickets were great and expect the same this year with the hot weather that is anticipated.

He also believes that the players are striking good form in the IPL and can take that into the Worldcup.
Sachin Tendulkar's words are something that will give a lot of confidence to fans and hope his worlds comes true.