Release Date : Sep 12,2014
Vanavarayan Vallavarayan (aka) Vaanavarayan Vallavarayan review

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Production: Dr L Sivabalan, KS Madhubala
Cast: Kreshna, Ma Ka Pa Anand, Monal Gajjar
Direction: Raja Mohan
Screenplay: Raja Mohan
Story: Raja Mohan
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Background score: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Cinematography: Pazhani Kumar
Dialogues: Raja Mohan
Editing: Kishore Te
Stunt choreography: Ramesh
Dance choreography: Dinesh, Robert
Lyrics: Gangai Amaren, Snehan
PRO: Mounam Ravi

Rajamohan's Vanavarayan Vallavarayan talks about two inseparable brothers who are jobless and go around mongering mischief all over town. They belong to an affluent family and have no worry in the world. When the elder brother falls in love and the girl also starts reciprocating, things take a turn as the unbreakable bond between the brothers inadvertently results in a rift in the romance, in the heat of the moment.

VV's recipe is clearly targeted at the rural masses and the cocktail of comedy, familial tiffs and sentiments ought to work with this target group. The male leads, Kreshna and Ma Ka Pa Anand are energetic and perform without inhibitions, with the latter's famed timing at comedy coming in handy on quite a few instances.
The tall Monal Gajjar looks totally gorgeous with sparkling eyes, and has all that it takes to be the next big glam sensation in Tamil Nadu. Though her role loses scope in the second half, she performs capably and also gets the lip-sync right.
S.P.Charan (has really slimmed down) and Jayaprakash give the film some of its dramatic moments while Thambi Ramaiah, Kovai Sarala and Sowcar Janaki play along to the gallery infusing the film with some laughter, here and there. Of course, we have 'Comedy Superstar' Santhanam in all his glory in a little cameo. His counter-lines and reactions are a delight to experience, and lift the movie's finale.
Yuvan Shankar Raja's folksy foot-tapping numbers gel with the tone and mood of the film, while we get to see some lush outdoor locales surrounding Pollachi, the place where the movie is set in, thanks to Pazhani Kumar's functional work on the camera.
Among the film's minus points include its dated story, treatment and presentation which may remind us of a late 80s film. The melodrama quotient is pretty high during the sentimental scenes. There are also many scenes of the two male leads indulging in smoking and drinking alcohol, with a 'woman-bashing' bar song too.
Verdict: This comedy drama is likely to work with the rural masses
( 2.0 / 5.0 )


Vanavarayan Vallavarayan (aka) Vaanavarayan Vallavarayan

Vanavarayan Vallavarayan (aka) Vaanavarayan Vallavarayan is a Tamil movie with production by Dr L Sivabalan, KS Madhubala, direction by Raja Mohan, cinematography by Pazhani Kumar, editing by Kishore Te. The cast of Vanavarayan Vallavarayan (aka) Vaanavarayan Vallavarayan includes Kreshna, Ma Ka Pa Anand, Monal Gajjar.