Release Date : Aug 29,2014
Salim (aka) Salim review

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Production: Sri Green Productions, Studio 9 Production, Vijay Antony Film Corporation
Cast: Aksha Pardasany, ARUL DASS, Manohar, Vijay Antony
Direction: N V Nirmal Kumar
Screenplay: N V Nirmal Kumar
Story: N V Nirmal Kumar
Music: Vijay Antony
Background score: Vijay Antony
Cinematography: Ganesh Chandra
Dialogues: N V Nirmal Kumar
Editing: M V Rajesh Kumar, Selva, VEERA SENTHIL
Art direction: Vinod Raveendran
Stunt choreography: Billa Jagan
Dance choreography: Kalyan
Lyrics: Annamalai, Gana Bala, Priyan
PRO: Nikkil Murugan

The story of Salim, which predominantly portrays the frustration of a good human, starts only in the second half. Director NV Nirmal Kumar has used the first half to establish the character of Salim, played by Vijay Antony.

Good human beings are rare; and when people identify the innocence and good heart in them, they either tend to take advantage or moniker them as a person unfit for the society. This is not the first time that Tamil Cinema witnesses such a plot, however the way Salim is treated, manages to keep the audiences engaged.

Director NV Nirmal Kumar’s screenplay has just managed to justify the anger of Salim, but one might get the feeling that Vijay Antony could have shown little more emotions to project the frustrated individual.

Vijay Antony as a music director, has done a decent job as far as the background music is concerned, especially the theme music that enhances the mood of the movie.

Aksha Pardasany, who plays Vijay Antony’s fiance, mostly appears for the songs and her screen presence is mostly restricted to the first half. Her role is primarily used to build up the frustration of Salim, just like a few other characters in the movie.

The songs do not hinder the flow of the movie too much, except for the first song that might have been unnecessary for a script like Salim.

The portions in the second half involving RNR Manohar and the police officer were quite engaging and bring out a few laughs here and there although the situation is tense.

The director has justified Salim’s fighting capabilities by including a tiny shot of him teaching martial arts to small children in the title montage that establishes the character of Salim.

Editor M.V Rajesh Kumar and cinematographer Ganesh Chandra have done a decent job in keeping the movie at an acceptable pace and maintaining the mood of the film with apt colours and lighting.

Produced by Studio 9, Sri Green Productions and Vijay Antony’s home banner, Vijay Antony Film Corporation - Salim has turned out to be a watchable average movie.

Verdict: Salim - sluggish first half, watchable second half.
( 2.25 / 5.0 )


Salim (aka) Salim

Salim (aka) Salim is a Tamil movie with production by Sri Green Productions, Studio 9 Production, Vijay Antony Film Corporation, direction by N V Nirmal Kumar, cinematography by Ganesh Chandra, editing by M V Rajesh Kumar, Selva, VEERA SENTHIL. The cast of Salim (aka) Salim includes Aksha Pardasany, ARUL DASS, Manohar, Vijay Antony.