Release Date : Jun 13,2014
Naan Than Bala (aka) Naanthan Bala review
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Production: J A Lawrence
Cast: Cell Murugan, Mayilsamy, Swetha, Vivek
Direction: R Kannan
Screenplay: R Kannan
Story: R Kannan
Music: Venkat Krishi
Background score: Venkat Krishi
Cinematography: Azhagiya Manavalan
Dialogues: R.Kannan
Editing: V.Vijay
Art direction: Vijayakumar
Stunt choreography: Super Subbrayan
Singers: Baby Lokeshwari Prabhu, Haricharan, Madhu Balakrishnan, Priya Sisters, Priyadarshini Ram, Ram, Srinivas, Suchitra
Lyrics: Vaali, Vairamuthu
PRO: Nikhil
Distribution: SSS Entertainments
With Naan Than Bala, actor Vivek breaks out of his comfort zone and assumes a full length intense role that of a temple priest. Produced by SSS Entertainments, the film is directed by R Kannan.
Naan Than Bala revolves around Bala, an orthodox, well learnt and a peaceful man, who befriends Poochi, without knowing that he is a paid killer. After realizing the true colours of Poochi, the situations Bala encounters in his mission to battle evil, is Naan Than Bala in a nutshell.
A good actor is weighed based on his versatility and that said, thumbs up to Vivek who has expertly carried a role completely contrasting to the image he has created for himself over the years. His delivery of verses from the Vedas and various other sacred scripts sounds very authentic and impactful.
The other main character, Poochi is played by newcomer Venkatraj and he fits the bill just right. Like Karna from Mahabharatha, Poochi is a man with some shades of kindness, who has ended up on the wrong side. 
Mayilsamy and Cell Murugan offer comic reliefs. However, a couple of comedy sequences look unnecessary and break the continuity. Swetha debuts as a female lead opposite Vivek and it is hard to miss her resemblance of Hansika. Although Swetha shows promise, her romance sequences could have been kept to minimum. 
It involves a lot of research to bring in Vedic mentions that suit the subject of the movie and Kannan must be applauded for the job well done. His sincerity is obvious and it needs a bit of guts to take up a subject that is as intense and spiritual as Naan Than Bala, in this era where mindless entertainment is given preference. 
However, a few commercial compromises, like the romance song, could have been avoided. Although, the frequent song sequences didn’t quite go with the flow of the movie, composer Venkat Krishi has stuck to the religious content and delivered some classical music.
Another major drawback is the pace at which the film moves. The post interval session turns out to be a tad noisier and doesn’t keep you in the edge.
The visual canvas doesn’t appear to match today’s standards too and at places gives a typical Indian mega serial feel. Cinematographer Azhagiya Manavalan and editor Vijay have stuck to their basics in most parts.
On the whole, Naan Than Bala is an old tale of Dharma’s triumph over evil that doesn’t engage you well enough and is kind of preachy at places, but with a very heartfelt performance from Vivek.
Verdict: Dated, less absorbing and doesn’t meet current standards
( 1.75 / 5.0 )


Naan Than Bala (aka) Naanthan Bala

Naan Than Bala (aka) Naanthan Bala is a Tamil movie with production by J A Lawrence, direction by R Kannan, cinematography by Azhagiya Manavalan, editing by V.Vijay. The cast of Naan Than Bala (aka) Naanthan Bala includes Cell Murugan, Mayilsamy, Swetha, Vivek.