Release Date : Mar 21,2014
Cuckoo (aka) Cuckoo review
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Production: Fox Star Studios, The Next Big Film
Cast: Dinesh, Malavika, Murugadoss
Direction: Raju Murugan
Screenplay: Raju Murugan
Story: Raju Murugan
Music: Santhosh Narayan
Background score: Santhosh Narayan
Cinematography: PK Varma
Dialogues: Raju Murugan
Editing: Shanmugam Velusamy
Art direction: Ramalingam
Dance choreography: Sheriff
Lyrics: Yuga Bharathi
PRO: Nikkhil
Distribution: Fox Star Studios
Define Beautiful.
Many of us can come up with different interpretations and explanations to the word, which would all ultimately converge into the same meaning. But, if you ask a visually challenged person the same question, he would define it with a whole new angle. 
Well, that is ‘Cuckoo’ for you. A tale of two blind lovers delivered to us from a completely different angle. Director Raju Murugan, who is also featured in the movie, throws light on the fact that the darker side of the world is actually colourful.
Dinesh, whose name is generally prefixed with the name of his first film, has delivered exactly what it needs to supersede the prefix with the name Cuckoo. The director has been keen on concentrating on every nut and bolt of the movie - and the performances rendered as a result of his detailing are brilliant. Malavika Nair, Dinesh, Murugadoss and of course the MGR, Ajith and Vijay of the drama troupe have all effectuated excellence. Dinesh’s (Thamizh) squint eyes, Malavika’s (Suthanthira Kodi) oscillating eyeball and Elango’s peculiar laugh are a couple of examples of Raju Murugan’s eye for detail. Malavika joins the list of talented actresses to watch out for.
The movie pans across the life of the blind - their body language, signals and senses stitched along with a feel good romantic tale which has been delivered to perfection. However, one might have a line or two to talk about the movie’s pace, which clings on to the slower side as the movie progresses. 
Santhosh Narayanan has proved yet again that he is a musician, who likes to redefine the word ‘quality’, in every song he composes. The songs and the background music in the film definitely has those magical fingers that can directly touch the heart.  
The script has demanded many extreme close shots in order to portray the little things that visually challenged people try to focus on, and cinematographer P.K Varma has captured those visuals with artistic brilliance. The shot where the train that runs in the background appears as if it comes out of the flute held by the character sitting in the foreground is a piece of creativity that deserves laurels. 
Raju Murugan’s sensibility on focussing on Suthanthira Kodi’s feet instead of her face, whenever she walks down to meet Thamizh proves that he has been particular about narrating his tale from the point of view of the characters in the movie.
Claiming that the movie is based on a true story, director Raju Murugan has apparently attempted to keep the film as true as possible. The picturesque inventiveness of the technical team combined with naturally heartening performances by the cast places the film in the rack that has been reserved for good movies. 
Produced by Fox Star Studios and the Next Big Films Productions, Cuckoo sings to us a sweet melody that you might want to keep in your playlist forever.
Verdict: Watch Cuckoo, and blindly fall in love with the movie.
( 3.0 / 5.0 )


Cuckoo (aka) Cuckoo

Cuckoo (aka) Cuckoo is a Tamil movie with production by Fox Star Studios, The Next Big Film, direction by Raju Murugan, cinematography by PK Varma, editing by Shanmugam Velusamy. The cast of Cuckoo (aka) Cuckoo includes Dinesh, Malavika, Murugadoss.