Release Date : Jan 30,2014
Ninaithathu Yaaro (aka) Ninaithadhu Yaaro review
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Production: Immanuvel, P Ramesh
Cast: Ashwath, Karthik, Nimisha, Rajith
Direction: Vikraman
Screenplay: Vikraman
Story: Vikraman
Music: X Paulraj
Background score: X Paulraj
Cinematography: RK Prathap
Dialogues: Vikraman
Editing: S Richard
Stunt choreography: Thalapathi Dinesh
Dance choreography: Bhaskar, Robert, Suchitra
Lyrics: Kalaikumar, Pa Vijay, Vairabharathi
PRO: Mounam Ravi

Director Vikraman popular for films that dealt with family, tradition and values, returns after a hiatus in Ninaithadhu Yaaro with quite a bunch of newcomers to translate his vision on to the silver screen.

In Vikraman’s films there is no room for any aberration or jarring note. If indeed there are such elements, suitable lesson will be taught before the end credits roll by which the baddies also will be towed in line. His world is inhabited by good people and in a sense it is a place which is too good to be true.

In Ninaithadhu Yaaro, the idea that Vikraman communicates is being in ‘love’ is not wrong but being in love with the wrong person is erroneous.

The film opens up with five young people – 2 women and 3 men living under the same roof (a beautiful house indeed), carrying on with their business. They are ‘love’ haters and display their acrimony towards the emotion by writing anti-love phrases on their notice board.

Two of them have had bad experiences with ‘love’ and the other three like- minded individuals join them to lead their life together.  Actual film begins when the group meets a film director who is known for directing ‘love’ based films and NY is actually the director’s (in the film) story.  

Newcomers Rajith and Nimisha form the lead supported by Karthik Yogi, Azhar, Subiksha and Ritwika.  Hero Rajith is natural and acquits himself fairly well. Nimisha has a good role to perform but is just about average. Richard is seen in a cameo. There is Ineya too. The final scene where almost the entire industry turns up indicates the respect that the director enjoys.

Under Paulraj’s music Konjam Punnagai and Kaireghai Polathaan Kaadhal are humworthy. Other songs are melodious although with a very short shelf life in memory.  Cinematography is fundamental.

Ninaithadhu Yaaro is a clean film sans any cringe-worthy scenes or dialogues, a stand-out feature of Vikraman’s films but all the same the story and the characters are caught in a time warp. The narration belongs to a different period with the film travelling on a very flat terrain uniformly. There is no resistance or conflict. For all those patrons of Vikraman’s films, the director does not disappoint or throw any surprises.

Verdict: Purely for Vikraman’s fans
( 1.5 / 5.0 )


Ninaithathu Yaaro (aka) Ninaithadhu Yaaro

Ninaithathu Yaaro (aka) Ninaithadhu Yaaro is a Tamil movie with production by Immanuvel, P Ramesh, direction by Vikraman, cinematography by RK Prathap, editing by S Richard. The cast of Ninaithathu Yaaro (aka) Ninaithadhu Yaaro includes Ashwath, Karthik, Nimisha, Rajith.