Release Date : Nov 14,2013
Ravana Desam (aka) Ravana Desam review
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Production: Lakshmikanth
Cast: Ajay, Jennifer
Direction: Ajay
Screenplay: Ajay
Story: Ajay
Background score: R Sivan
Cinematography: VK Ramraj
Dialogues: Ajay
Editing: Karthik Srinivas

Ravana Desam, directed by and starring Ajay Nuthakki, talks about the Sri Lankan Civil War and how a group of Sri Lankan Tamils decide to move away from their war-stricken land, in the hope of a better future as refugees in neighboring Tamil Nadu. Their journey is one that doesn't go according to plan as the group has to encounter nature's fury, even as their own bodies start to wilt under the primitive conditions.

The first half is mostly devoted to setting up the situation in the land with the LTTE on one side, the Sri Lankan Army on the other side and the pitiable Tamils who are in a 'Catch 22' situation. The voice-over in the intro credits sequence and at a few other points in the movie, is purposeful. The dialogues which point to the hopes and aspirations of these Tamils, just like any other normal layman, are on the mark and sum up the movie’s intentions.

The film is not meant for normal entertainment as such, but it is ultimately the effort put in by the crew and the director's motive which deserve a round of applause.

There are a couple of songs in R.Sivan's music which are montage sequences and they don't rise above the ordinary. The background score plays to the dramatic and dreary nature of the content.

V.K.Ramraj has handled the camera and the crew's effort, during the second half in capturing all the action in a boat in the middle of the ocean, is appreciable. The crew has proudly proclaimed that this is the first Indian movie with such extensive scenes shot in the water. The visual effects work is ambitious and though it is all too obvious, it serves the purpose. Particularly, the simple animation to show the path traversed by the boat in the ocean.

The actors have all done their part well and they must have gone through quite a bit for the second half. These scenes of pain and struggle are unsettling and might make you squirm in your seats.

Lead hero Ajay has the physique and is capable of emoting as well. Jennifer comes across as a pretty and chirpy face. As the second half plays on, we are able to invest in the other characters as well, and this is a credit to the director.

The Sri Lankan Tamil accent of most of the characters sounds a bit artificial and is not consistent. More work could have been done on this important aspect to increase the authenticity and nativity factors.

In all, Ravana Desan is definitely a noteworthy movie which sincerely attempts to throw light on a pertinent issue, at a time when entertainment seems to be the only ruling mantra.

Verdict: The earnest effort and the relevant subject matter warrant a mention
( 2.5 / 5.0 )


Ravana Desam (aka) Ravana Desam

Ravana Desam (aka) Ravana Desam is a Tamil movie with production by Lakshmikanth, direction by Ajay, cinematography by VK Ramraj, editing by Karthik Srinivas. The cast of Ravana Desam (aka) Ravana Desam includes Ajay, Jennifer.