Release Date : Oct 18,2013
Review by : Behindwoods Review Board
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Production: Karunas
Cast: Angana, Karunas, Kovai Sarala, MS Baskar, Sanjana Singh
Direction: Manohar
Screenplay: Manohar
Story: Manohar
Background score: Srikanth Deva
Lyrics : Vairamuthu
Karunas, Kovai Sarala, Mano Bala, M.S Bhaskar, Singampuli, Vaiyapuri, Delhi Ganesh, Mayilsamy. Debut director Manohar, has packed his cast up with some of the top names of the comedy department, in order to roll out a flick which does not have too many objectives, but to etch out some decent comedy.
The formula the director uses here is simple, ‘Ridicule Policemen’. Well, has he succeeded in producing the desired result? The answer would unfortunately be a horizontal nod. 
Ragalaipuram is all about a timid man, who is forced to work as a Police constable and he eventually becomes courageous due to the consequences of a medical condition he believes he suffers from. 
Karunas plays Velu, who is the panicky police constable around whom the story revolves. Although the story or the screenplay has nothing much to offer, Karunas pulls his part off neatly without too many flaws. The surprising factor is that the actor has attempted to shake his legs to the folk beats of music director Srikanth Deva and it has worked out well for him.
Angana, the female lead, plays the character of a meat shop owner who falls in love with Velu following a few sequences where she erroneously believes that Velu is a brave policeman. However she occupies very little screen space after she falls in love, and appears on screen only in portions where she has to test the loyalty of her lover.
The displeasing part of the film is that most of the policemen who appear in the movie are either comical or have a negative shade. Mano Bala plays the role of a very weak policeman while Singampuli plays a romantic cop who is in love with Kovai Sarala (who is also a police woman) and never misses out an opportunity to flirt with her. M.S Bhaskar plays the role of a police commissioner who is both humorous and serious. 
Sanjana Singh is another unacceptable member of the police department, who is glamorous and unrealistic. It appears as though Sanjana’s character is deliberately inserted just to excite the audience.
Just like how director Manohar has used a bunch of comedians in the police department, he has also used a group of bad guys in the villain department. The villainous shade he portrays in the movie is very typical and does not have anything fresh.
Srikanth Deva’s compositions suit the story; however they would have had a better impact if the picturizing of the songs were a touch better. Choreographer Sridhar has brought out some neat dance moves in the ‘Aasai’ song and Karunas copes well in them. The use of skeletons in the number is a surprising element which is praiseworthy. 
Produced by Ken Media and helmed by a set of experienced technicians, Ragalapuram emerges out as a film that might not impress you, but can while away some totally unproductive time.
Verdict: A movie that has bits and pieces of comedy
( 1.0 / 5.0 )


Ragalaipuram aka Ragalapuram

Ragalaipuram aka Ragalapuram is a Tamil movie with production by Karunas, direction by Manohar. The cast of Ragalaipuram aka Ragalapuram includes Angana, Karunas, Kovai Sarala, MS Baskar, Sanjana Singh.