Release Date : Dec 27,2013
Vizha (aka) Vizha review
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Production: Azure Entertainment, Rama Narayanan, Sri Thenandal Films, Sunir Kheterpal
Cast: Malavika Menon, Master Mahendran
Direction: Barathi Balakumaran
Screenplay: Barathi Balakumaran
Story: Barathi Balakumaran
Music director: James Vasanthan
Background score: James Vasanthan
Cinematography: UK Senthil Kumar
Dialogues: Raja Gurusamy
Editing: Praveen K. L, Srikanth N.B
Art director: Manimozhian Ramadurai
Singers: Dakshayini, Gana Bala, Ilayaraja, Latha Krishna, Raghuram, Sathyaprakash, Sunandan, Theodore
Lyrics : Madhan Karky, Mohanrajan, Raja Gurusamy
PRO: Glamour Sathya

We have often witnessed or been a part of romantic stories that happen around our workplace. Vizha is a similar love story that orbits around Mahendran and MalavikaMenon, the male and female lead respectively in the movie. However, the interesting part here is that their workplace is quite out of the general line – they work at death places.

Mahendran plays a ‘Parai’ artist who plays the ‘thappu’ at funerals, while Malavika is an ‘Oppari’ artist. The movie works through minute details of how deaths are celebrated in Tamil Nadu along with a tale of romance needled into the lines of the rich cultural backdrop.

The script wades through a tiny pool of romance, music, sentiment and drama that lasts for a good 126 minutes. Mahendran carries his acting prowess, which he has exhibited to perfection, right from his childhood –his performance in emotional sequences is a definite plus point. While he relies on his experience to emerge out unflawed, Malavika Menon banks on sheer talent. Their dual Parai and Oppari performance towards the finale of the movie is a highlight piece that could fill the audience with contentment as they walk out of the movie hall.

Theni Murugan scores well in the screen space allotted to him with his idiosyncratic characterization and it is his role that pushes the plot towards its climax. The other characters in the movie – be it the villainous old lady or Mahendran’s friends who stick around with him throughout the movie, have played their parts fairly well.

Barathi Balakumaran, yet another director to have rolled a longer tale after filming shorter versions in the popular television show for short films, has an eye for detail. His keenness in depicting a portion of the varied Tamil Nadu culture does deserve a round of applause. However, one might get the feeling that he could have had better talkie sequences on paper – especially the parodical approach on the comedy scenes in the first half. While some of the scenes merely pass through the ears without making our lips broaden, some of them do manage to dig out laughter – the tiny argument among the old ladies that ends up in a ruckus is an interesting example.

The typical shortfilm-ish style in the cinematography department adds colour to the movie – rice grains being poured into the camera that hides inside a vessel and the point of view shot of a mobile phone are a few notable point outs. Cinematographer U.K Senthil Kumar and Art Director Manimozhian Ramadurai have played significant roles in setting up the festive mood in a rustic surrounding. Music Director James Vasanthan has hit the right beats to bring life to the visuals.

Produced by Rama Narayanan and Sunir Kheterpal under the banner JV Media Dreams and distributed by Sri Thendral Films in association with Azure Entertainment, Vizha is a good tale that could have been woven better.

Verdict: A well portrayed milieu which could have had a better script to back it up.
( 2.25 / 5.0 )


Vizha (aka) Vizha

Vizha (aka) Vizha is a Tamil movie with production by Azure Entertainment, Rama Narayanan, Sri Thenandal Films, Sunir Kheterpal, direction by Barathi Balakumaran, cinematography by UK Senthil Kumar, editing by Praveen K. L, Srikanth N.B. The cast of Vizha (aka) Vizha includes Malavika Menon, Master Mahendran.