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Vivek tweets in support of Vadivelu's Tenaliraman

Vivek's support for Vadivelu!

Apr 13, 2014

Actor – Comedian Vivek, who will be next seen as a hero in Naanthan Bala, is one actor who makes a good use of Twitter. He uses the platform to interact with fans and also raise awareness about issues.

Yesterday, he tweeted in supporting the release of Vadivelu’s comeback movie, Tenaliraman without any hassles. He said, “Good morning tweeples! Let’s pray for the smooth release of Tenaliraman and its success which makes the producer and trade happy.”

Vadivelu’s Tenaliraman faces a possible delay after certain Telugu outfits felt that the film hurts the numerous Telugu people by portraying the characters Krishna Deva Raya and Tenali Raman in demeaning fashion.


Vivek tweets in support of Vadivelu's Tenaliraman

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