Release Date : Mar 21,2014
Kerala Nattilam Pengaludane (aka) Kerala Nattilam Pengaludane review
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Production: SS Kumaran
Cast: Abhi, Abirami, Deekshita, Gayathri
Direction: SS Kumaran
Screenplay: SS Kumaran
Story: SS Kumaran
Music: SS Kumaran
Background score: SS Kumaran

Women from Kerala have a ‘beautiful’ reputation about their looks and the hero’s father in Kerala Naatilam Pengaludanae played by Professor Gnanasambandham seems to be smitten by them with a reason to support his belief. 

S S Kumaran who had scored music in Kalavani and Poo and had directed Theneer Viduthi returns to tell a tale about a father’s obsession with God’s own’s country in Kerala Naatilam Pengaludanae (KNP). The title of the film may be suggestive of a ‘colorful’ premise but actually it is just the opposite.  

It’s quite normal for parents to thrust their unfulfilled desires on to their progenies and expect them to complete their wishes. In this case, the dad, unable to marry the woman of his choice who incidentally belongs to the neighboring Kerala, changes his entire life pattern to become and behave like a Malayali which is resented by his Tamil wife. Interestingly he goes by the name Tamizh Mani, which for some reasons, does not find itself changed. Perhaps, Kumaran just wanted to demonstrate the irony. 

Tamizh Mani leads a life like a Malayali. He only celebrates Onam and scoffs at Pongal, buys only Malayalam dailies although he does not know to read the language, he only watches Malayalam programs and also speaks in Malayalam. His house is filled with photos of Malayalam heroes.  His obsession reaches a crescendo when he extracts a promise from his son that he would only find a life partner from Kerala. To succeed in his mission, he sends his son to Kerala. 

Did his son find a Kerala mate? What happens when he reaches there? Did the dad’s wish come true? Kerala Naatilam Pengaludanae answers all these.

As the film’s base hinges on a light theme, the proceedings also veer towards light heartedness. However the performances from the hero and three women leads do not help in getting involved with the film and also root for their cause.  Professor Gnanasambandam does his part well while Renuka is perfect as his wife who is fanatic about Tamil tradition and values. Kaali of Thegidi fame once again makes a suitable presence but the reason about him getting beaten everyday by a man is not revealed till the end. 

The technical aspects are functional in the film. The songs don’t create any impression and one of it appears more like a Kerala tourism promotion number giving a documentary feel. Although the film is supposed to be based on humor, it does not provide much laugh worthy moments. The conflicts are of no serious nature and one is sure of its results. The scene where the fan is fitted with a spring to prevent the heroine from attempting a suicide may work with some. 

The director wrongly observes through one of his characters that Hindi is the national language while it is the official language in India. He should have been more careful while making such serious statements. 

While some scenes make you think you are watching a TV serial, the positive side about the film is it is sans vulgarity and sleazy stuff which the current movies are plagued with. 
Verdict: An interesting theme that could have been more engaging.
( 1.25 / 5.0 )


Kerala Nattilam Pengaludane (aka) Kerala Nattilam Pengaludane

Kerala Nattilam Pengaludane (aka) Kerala Nattilam Pengaludane is a Tamil movie with production by SS Kumaran, direction by SS Kumaran. The cast of Kerala Nattilam Pengaludane (aka) Kerala Nattilam Pengaludane includes Abhi, Abirami, Deekshita, Gayathri.