Release Date : Jul 18,2014
Irukku Aana Illa (aka) Irukku Aana Illa review

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Production: Balamani Jayabalan, S Chelladhurai, Sami P Venkat, Sathya Nagaraj
Cast: Aadhavan, Eden, Manisha Shree, Vivanth, YG Mahendran
Direction: K M Saravanan
Screenplay: K M Saravanan
Story: K M Saravanan
Music: Shameer
Background score: Kaarthik Aacharya
Cinematography: Kris A Chandar
Dialogues: Raj Prabhu
Editing: Ahamad
Art direction: Ravindran
Stunt choreography: Theepori Nithya
Dance choreography: Cool Jayanth
PRO: Nikkil Murugan

Over the years, Tamil cinema has explored a variety of romances. Starting from ‘Kanda Udan Kaadhal’ to ‘Kaadhal Kottai Kaadhal’, love has seen multitudes of manifestations. Here’s a story of a man finding his true soul mate, literally.
Director KM Saravanan’s Irukku Aana Illa begins in a local bar, where Meenakshi Sundaram, (played by television anchor Aadhavan) narrates an unimaginable story involving his friend, Venkat  (TV actor Vivanth). Venkat is a big time loser and a whiny, frustrated being. After an accident, he comes across Divya (played by Eden), in a very strange way. She turns his life upside down, but for a huge price. Watch the movie in theater to know the rest of the tale.

The three leads have done well enough to keep the story going. Vivanth carries two looks in the movie- one of a shaggy, frustrated man and other a well groomed, ambitious youngster. He looks comfortable in both looks and the variations he has brought about to match the looks are noteworthy.
Eden is right on mark as a sprightly and animated youngster. It is Aadhavan who emerges out as the show stealer. His comic timings are spot on and even with a blank look in most parts of the movie, he manages to trigger laughter merely with his counter lines. That said, with his array of reactions in a single long shot, when the hero recounts his unpleasant first encounter with Divya, Aadhavan declares that he is a promising talent indeed. Vivanth must be credited for the same shot too. His uninterrupted delivery of a mile long dialogue brings about a chuckle of astonishment in the faces of the audiences.
As far as the technical department, the visuals are just about functional. Music by Shameer, on the other hand is rather unimpressive and wrongly placed.

Although director Saravanan, with his story manages to hold the audience for most parts, Ram Prabhu’s dialogues are redundant at places and the overall pace of the movie wavers massively. While it begins briskly, the film drops to snail speed in the middle and regains the pace towards the end. The third romance angle, which is understandably a commercial compromise, could have been done away with.

In a nutshell, Irukku Aana Illa is a watchable romcom, with a pinch of thriller element that people seem to love these days.

Verdict: Be a bit more patient and overlook the minor juvenility, you might actually enjoy the flick
( 2.5 / 5.0 )


Irukku Aana Illa (aka) Irukku Aana Illa

Irukku Aana Illa (aka) Irukku Aana Illa is a Tamil movie with production by Balamani Jayabalan, S Chelladhurai, Sami P Venkat, Sathya Nagaraj, direction by K M Saravanan, cinematography by Kris A Chandar, editing by Ahamad. The cast of Irukku Aana Illa (aka) Irukku Aana Illa includes Aadhavan, Eden, Manisha Shree, Vivanth, YG Mahendran.