Release Date : Jun 19,2014
Vadacurry (aka) Vada Curry review
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Production: Dayanidhi Alagiri
Cast: Jai, RJ Balaji, Sunny Leone, Swati Reddy
Direction: Saravana Rajan
Screenplay: Saravana Rajan
Story: Saravana Rajan
Music: Mervin Solomon, Vivek Shiva, Yuvan Shankar Raja
Background score: Mervin Solomon, Vivek Shiva
Cinematography: Venkatesh S
Dialogues: Saravana Rajan
Editing: Praveen K. L
Art direction: Tha Ramalingam
Stunt choreography: Ashok
PRO: Nikhil Murugan

You might be wondering what kind of genre a movie can be, when it is titled Vadacurry. The movie and the title has absolutely no connection to each other. In fact, the director confesses the same through a character in the film in the initial parts of the movie.

Vadacurry deals with love and some interesting happenstances that occur due to the consequences of a few actions related to love. Confused? Well, it is not as confusing as what you read - the movie is simple and definitely interesting although it does not have a great story.

Jai plays Sathish a medical representative, who wishes to live a simple life with a decent job, a proper bike and a good mobile phone. While his job and bike play small roles in the film, his mobile phone plays a larger one, contributing to the humour quotient in the first half and the suspense and action in the second half.

RJ Balaji is definitely at his best in the movie and dialogues as normal as ‘pathetic of the penicillin’ and ‘kadacha kanji thanni, illana kuzhai thanni’ - when uttered from his mouth, brings out a lot of laughter.

Praveen’s editing is crisp, especially the portions in the second half. The little clock transition portraying the time lapse, when Jai waits for Swathi,  is a notable piece in the post production department.

Swathi plays a normal office-going girl who falls in love with Jai after a few confusions between her friend, Jai and RJ Balaji. Although, she does not have a major character to play in the movie, it is the actions of Jai’s desperation to grab her attention that leads the movie to an interesting second half.

The much awaited Sunny Leone song turns out to be a random addition to the script which could have either been omitted or placed better. The movie has a surprise in the cast and it would be recommended to watch the movie as soon as possible before the surprise falls prey to the chinese whisper game.

Merwin Solomon and Vivek Shiva have done a neat job with the background score that kept the movie engrossing all the way. The i-phone song (Ullangaiyil Ennaivaithu) is a creative master-piece with brilliant visuals that features the plight of Jai, packaged inside a mobile phone.

Directed by Saravana Rajan and produced by Dayanidhi Alagiri under the banner Meeka Entertainment, Vadacurry has a lot of fun elements on offer.

Verdict: A spicy entertainer pulled out of a normal story
( 2.75 / 5.0 )


Vadacurry (aka) Vada Curry

Vadacurry (aka) Vada Curry is a Tamil movie with production by Dayanidhi Alagiri, direction by Saravana Rajan, cinematography by Venkatesh S, editing by Praveen K. L. The cast of Vadacurry (aka) Vada Curry includes Jai, RJ Balaji, Sunny Leone, Swati Reddy.