Release Date : Sep 05,2014
Amara Kaaviyam (aka) Amara Kaviyam review

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Production: Arya
Cast: Ananth Nag, Elizabeth, Mia George, Sathya, Thambi Ramaiah
Direction: Jeeva Shankar
Screenplay: Jeeva Shankar
Story: Jeeva Shankar
Music: M Ghibran
Background score: M Ghibran
Cinematography: Jeeva Shankar
Dialogues: Jeeva Shankar
Editing: Surya
Art direction: V Selvakumar
Stunt choreography: Om Prakash
Dance choreography: Nobel
Lyrics: Asmin, Madhan Karky, Parvathy, Vetri Selvan
PRO: Suresh Chandra
Amara Kaaviyam is yet another movie based on love’s classical premise – a boy (Sathya) who dares everyone to get his love, and a girl (Mia George) who tries to win acceptance from all. And, the movie is about how they deal with the piled up problems and what the problems make the boy and girl do.
This movie is director Jeeva Shankar’s second movie after the critically acclaimed Vijay Antony starrer Naan. This time he deals with love, and has worked hard to authenticate the tagline ‘A poem of love’. He picks reality over cinematic compromises, and that’s appreciable, even though the movie takes its own sweet time to get into the groove.
Apart from directorial responsibilities, Jeeva Shankar has taken care of camera as well. He is more into conveying the narrative via visuals rather than dialogues. The DoP, in him, and the director, in him, try to better each other in the final bus stop scene – and, one has to admit that both win.
Jeeva Shankar is ably supported by the music composer Ghibran. In fact, Ghibran is the soul of Amara Kaaviyam. His re-recording has elevated the movie to great heights. Even, his songs, with montage visuals, are pleasing. There are very few movies which will have the audience remembering both scenes and the background score – Amara Kaaviyam will be one among them.
Amara Kaaviyam’s cast, led by the heroine Mia George, has delivered good performances. Mia is a talent to watch out for. Hopefully, she should get more such substantial roles. Sathya’s acting is convincing. All the other support characters, including Sathya’s friend and the parents of the lovers, suit their roles.
Not sure if its because of the time the movie takes to unfold initially or because of the fact that Tamil cinema has seen lot of love stories before, the impact isn’t as hard as it should be. Glorifying such teen love wouldn’t also be the right signal to be sending out to the younger audience. However, such synergy of clear directorial vision, fine camera work, Ooty’s scenic beauty, Ghibran’s magical tunes and fine performances make Amara Kaaviyam a decent movie that stays real.
Verdict: Amara Kaviyam has brilliant music, great visuals, good acting, wish it had left little more impact.
( 2.75 / 5.0 )


Amara Kaaviyam (aka) Amara Kaviyam

Amara Kaaviyam (aka) Amara Kaviyam is a Tamil movie with production by Arya, direction by Jeeva Shankar, cinematography by Jeeva Shankar, editing by Surya. The cast of Amara Kaaviyam (aka) Amara Kaviyam includes Ananth Nag, Elizabeth, Mia George, Sathya, Thambi Ramaiah.