Release Date : Jul 31,2015
Sakalakalavallavan (aka) Appatakkar review

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Production: K Muralidharan, Lakshmi Movie Makers
Cast: Anjali, Jayam Ravi, Kumki Ashwin , Prabhu, Rekha, Soori, Trisha
Direction: Suraj
Screenplay: Suraj
Story: Suraj
Music: SS Thaman
Background score: SS Thaman
Jayam Ravi and comedy specialist director Suraaj team up for Appatakkar which was rechristened as Sakalakalavallavan recently. Alas, other than the title, there is nothing memorable about the film despite the presence of so many leading actors.
The movie is as templated as it can get and we have seen many such films in recent years. Comedy is the main element which the director banks on, as always, and here we have Soori and Vivek (in dual roles) to shoulder the responsibility of tickling our funny bones. Soori is most often at the receiving end of a good bashing (in true Vadivelu style). His makeover with the long side-burns is interesting, but his voice modulation is getting repetitive. He doubles up as both the rival and friend for Ravi in the movie.
Then we have 'Motta' Rajendran doing what he generally does best - shout, beat up people and also show his comedic side. Though it is getting predictable with Rajendran, one is still bound to laugh at what he does on screen. The gag with his fake mustache is nice, that too. His robot scene is another little highlight in the film.
Vivek must be appreciated for trying out a new look even in this limited role and though his intent is fine, his comedy (along with Cell Murugan as usual) doesn't always click as desired. The lines aren't fresh and guess it's high time that the duo says goodbye to 'Thanga Pushpam'.
Jayam Ravi looks toned and is earnest as always in whatever he does, be it dancing, emoting or trying out comedy here. He has two heroines for company - Anjali and Trisha and the former is used generously to up the glam quotient of the film in the 1st half. In the Sathigari song, her costumes get too skimpy for one's liking. The U certificate for the movie seems questionable, what with Ravi and Anjali's romance portions being more than just naughty. Trisha looks as chic as ever.
There is a forced twist involving Trisha's character at the halfway mark and she gets prominence in the 2nd half. The likes of Prabhu, Rekha and Radha Ravi also just go through the motions without much strain. A stunt master like Thalapathy Dinesh is reduced to being a funny sidekick in Soori's gang!
All the songs are rehashed versions of Thaman's own Telugu songs. Their placement is as mundane as it can get. There are more cliches like the customary fight sequence, a foreign song and an item number involving Poorna. In the end, the director seems to have a message about husband - wife tiffs, along with all the comedy.
A run time of more than 2 hours 30 mins isn't helpful either !!
Verdict: Despite its intentions, this Sakalakalavallavan doesn't entertain
( 1.5 / 5.0 )


Sakalakalavallavan (aka) Appatakkar

Sakalakalavallavan (aka) Appatakkar is a Tamil movie with production by K Muralidharan, Lakshmi Movie Makers, direction by Suraj. The cast of Sakalakalavallavan (aka) Appatakkar includes Anjali, Jayam Ravi, Kumki Ashwin , Prabhu, Rekha, Soori, Trisha.