Release Date : Jun 12,2015
Inimey Ippadithaan (aka) Innimey Ippadithaan review

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Production: Santhanam
Cast: Akhila Kishore, Ashna Zaveri, Santhanam
Direction: Muruganand
Screenplay: Muruganand
Story: Muruganand
Music: Santhosh Kumar Dhayanidhi
Background score: Santhosh Kumar Dhayanidhi
Cinematography: Gopi Jagadeeshwaran
Editing: Ruben
Dance choreography: Dinesh, Kalyan, Raju Sundaram
Laughter has a direct effect on the life span. The more you laugh and smile, the longer you live. But, what does that make Santhanam, an artiste who constantly works hard to make his fans laugh?
With Muruganand’s Inimey Ippadithaan Santhanam is back again as a hero, this time with a bit more commercial varieties added to his comics. The comedian turned hero plays a character that takes marriage very seriously. He isn’t interested in getting hitched by his concerned parents. He wants romance and loads of it. During his pursuit for a romantic partner, he ends up in a coup that he hadn’t expected even in his weirdest of dreams and tales.
Enough has already been said, reviewed about Santhanam’s comic side and an expert that he is in that field, he pulls the crowd for just that. But there’s more than just comedy in Inimey Ippadithaan. Santhanam tests the actor in him a tinge more than usual and takes the audiences with him during his emotional rides. The part where he meets Ashna Zaveri in her room after the whole drama is uncovered is a perfect illustration, proving his proficiency in acting.
The actor has also offered a wide variety of comedy – there are his usual slapsticks and insult comedy, a few intelligent jokes and some very entertaining physical comedy. It’s like Santhanam’s re-adjusting to the rapidly changing tastes of the audiences. Although like in everything, the excessive comedy has its own con. One might feel Santhanam’s attempt to make a joke at almost everything, a bit redundant.
Talking about redundancy, the typical over-exploited song sequences (One intro song, one for love pursuit, one love song each for the two heroines, one sad song, one bar song), stereotypical portrayal of ‘pasanga’ and ‘ponnunga’ have lost luster.
As for the ‘ponnunga’, Ashna Zaveri looks like a doll and her chiseled frame is justification enough for all the fuss about size zero. She also has a strong part and does well. On the other hand, having proved to be a promising talent in her previous film, the beautiful Akhila Kishore gets to play a major character that acts as a game changer, but the scope for the character turns out to be very limited.
Thambi Ramaiah is another pillar for the film and his comedies are few of the best in the film. VTV Ganesh, Aadukalam Naren and the rest of the supporting team add hue to the film.
Moving on to the technical department, the songs crack smiles, but the background scores are a tad underwhelming. Gopi Jagadheeshwaran’s cinematography and Ruben’s editing, understandably merely functional, have given the film gloss. Special mention to the costume designer, the leads’ choice of clothes is a major attraction.
On the whole, Inimey Ippadithaan is a movie heavily dependent on its slapstick content, but with a pleasant message in the end. Watch out for the climax; there’s a twist that only Santhanam could have come up with.
Verdict: A typical Santhanam show! Throw away your thinking hats and watch it for the laughs
( 2.25 / 5.0 )


Inimey Ippadithaan (aka) Innimey Ippadithaan

Inimey Ippadithaan (aka) Innimey Ippadithaan is a Tamil movie with production by Santhanam, direction by Muruganand, cinematography by Gopi Jagadeeshwaran, editing by Ruben. The cast of Inimey Ippadithaan (aka) Innimey Ippadithaan includes Akhila Kishore, Ashna Zaveri, Santhanam.