Release Date : Jun 12,2015
Romeo Juliet (aka) Romeo Juliet review

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Production: Madras Entertainment
Cast: Hansika, Jeyam Ravi
Direction: Lakshman
Screenplay: Lakshman
Story: Lakshman
Music: D Imman
Background score: D Imman
Cinematography: S Soundar Rajan
Dialogues: Lakshman
Editing: Anthony
Art direction: Milan
Stunt choreography: Dhilip Subbarayan
Dance choreography: Dinesh, Radhika, Sheriff
Lyrics: Madhan Karky, Thamarai
First-timer Lakshman turns director with Romeo Juliet, the Shakespearean characters that are immortalized and remembered whenever there is mention of love. The Tamil film Romeo Juliet is also about love but refreshingly, a very practical and a realistic take (for most parts) on this ubiquitous feeling.
Lakshman’s Romeo Juliet played by Jayam Ravi and Hansika is about two contrasting characters, Karthik and Aishwarya, and their journey. The theme and premise are not anything new or unusual but Hansika’s characterization emerges as different and real which you don’t expect to see in a rom-com such as this.
Aishwarya of Romeo Juliet is a never-before-done role for the beautiful Hansika in her career and she has essayed it with a flourish. She fits the role perfectly and brings to table the advantages of her innocent and cute looks to give her character the right dimension. It is also appreciable that she is accepting such characters with a difference and yet playing to her strengths.
Lakshman’s practical take on love and life is mention-worthy when the reel world always paints romance with only one particular hue. Instead of just glorifying the feel, the director points his spotlight on the lesser highlighted region of this emotion as well.
Jayam Ravi is always earnest and sincere to whatever character he takes on and Karthik of Romeo Juliet is no exception either. He traverses the ranges in emoting and delivers with ease. As a gym trainer, Ravi is perfect with his toned body and dance movements. Humor comes naturally to him and the scene in Hansika’s flat where he is in an inebriated condition serves its purpose. His puzzled expression when he hears Hansika’s repartee at his gym is also another example of his good work.
You sit up with the very first frame of Romeo Juliet that begins to pay its tribute to love right from Bhagavathar's films and goes on to Sivaji, MGR, Rajinikanth, Kamal, Karthik, Ajith, Vijay and to Dhanush’s times. An interesting idea indeed!
Romeo Juliet majorly revolves around Ravi and Hansika with just a few supporting cast members. The character of VTV Ganesh as VTV Ganesh himself gives a déjà vu but the artist is effective. Poonam Bajwa is seen in the second half while Vamsi Krishna’s characterization is a clichéd one. Friends of Hansika are a neat bunch and the girl who plays Tina is noticeable. For most parts, the film travels in a uniform speed but towards the end, near the climax, it becomes a little prolonged. The predictable ending also does not help much.
Sounder Rajan’s camera work is functional and adhering to the script. Imman’s tracks are utilitarian and the picturization of the number ‘Idharku Thaanae’ is novel while the same thing cannot be said of the ‘Dandanakka’ number. An already very popular track such as this could have been shot with a lot more zing.
Lakshman’s Romeo Juliet has its plus and minus but ends up as a harmless ride all the same.
Verdict: Romeo Juliet - A harmless watch.
( 2.5 / 5.0 )


Romeo Juliet (aka) Romeo Juliet

Romeo Juliet (aka) Romeo Juliet is a Tamil movie with production by Madras Entertainment, direction by Lakshman, cinematography by S Soundar Rajan, editing by Anthony. The cast of Romeo Juliet (aka) Romeo Juliet includes Hansika, Jeyam Ravi.