Release Date : May 08,2015
India Pakistan (aka) India Pakistan review

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Production: Vijay Antony Film Corporation
Cast: Jagan, Manobala, MS Baskar, Pasupathy, Sushma Raj, Vijay Antony
Direction: N.Anand
Screenplay: N.Anand
Story: N.Anand
Music: Dheena Devarajan
Background score: Dheena Devarajan
Cinematography: N Om
Distribution: Sri Green Productions
This isn’t a film on border issues showcasing patriotism; Vijay Antony's India Pakistan is a laugh riot with no strain on the brains. Directed by N. Anand this comic-caper somehow manages to make us go in splits. Without wasting a minute, the film begins straightaway and establishes the story, yet retaining the suspense elements for the second half. 
This film might run low on the technicalities and the making, but considerable efforts spent on the scene flow and highly witty dialogues save the film from being a usual outing. With a simple story and a sound screenplay, India Pakistan is like those day-night matches between the biggest of the rivals, the gentlemen's game ever witnessed. Thanks to numerous characters equally allowed to score on screen, the film is attention grabbing and only a little tiring at times.
Seasoned artists like Pasupathy, MS Bhaskar, Jagan, Manobala and lot other comedians evoke laughter on a regular basis and with simultaneously getting to be part of the story is a huge plus to the screenplay. Vijay Antony has become an expressive hero with time and experience, trying his hand with comedy this time. The music director turned actor has got a definite knack to select scripts that'll add value to his growing presence in the industry and also catering to the pulse of the audience. Sushma Raj plays the heroine and does her role fully with nothing much to complain except for the amateurish makeup obviously seen during the tight shots. 
India Pakistan is about two struggling advocates trying to resolve a civil case. When there are films being dramatic, informative and trend-setting on one side, India Pakistan is an out and out entertainer that does its job well without giving much task to its audiences. With the run-time being a spot of bother, the film is saved by a number of potential comedy tracks. Words like Aama kunju and Paavaadai might be a cliche, but India Pakistan differs because of the situation-comedy being rightly handled. 
Objectifying village people to be dumb and stupid might offend a few, but credits to the director for observing their innocence and using them to the fullest. Pasupathy and MS Bhaskar absorb all the limelight with their consistent performances. Jagan shouldering the film from his side also takes the equal share of the applause. Mundasuppati fame Kaali Venkat also as a comic relief adds freshness. With acceptable level of logic and the conflicts being properly interconnected, some level of writing has gone into India Pakistan despite the blind trust on the cast and the laughter elements. 
No experimentation, nothing path-breaking, but laugh your lungs out and leave the cinema hall with a smile on your face. To specify, watch out for the pre-climax portion happening at a shopping mall. Deena Devarajan's songs are noteworthy and the desi version of Mission Impossible theme in the BGM is creativity at it best. You might wonder why everybody is laughing real loud or you'll laugh along. 
Verdict: An enjoyable film for a leisure watch with no big complaints
( 2.5 / 5.0 )


India Pakistan (aka) India Pakistan

India Pakistan (aka) India Pakistan is a Tamil movie with production by Vijay Antony Film Corporation, direction by N.Anand, cinematography by N Om. The cast of India Pakistan (aka) India Pakistan includes Jagan, Manobala, MS Baskar, Pasupathy, Sushma Raj, Vijay Antony.