Release Date : Dec 25,2014
Vellaikaara Durai (aka) Vellakaara Durai review

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Production: Gopuram Films
Cast: Sridivya, Vikram Prabhu
Direction: Ezhil
Screenplay: Ezhil
Story: Ezhil
Music: D.Imman
Background score: D.Imman
Cinematography: Suraj Nallusamy
Dialogues: Ezhil
PRO: Mounam Ravi

With the holiday season, comes an out and out entertainer, Vellaikaara Durai, which is a good break amidst the serious films. Directed by Ezhil and with music composed by D Imman, the film is sure to make you smile when you walk out. Vellaikaara Durai is a typical Ezhil fare that comprises masala, comedy, romance, emotions and more.


Murugan (Vikram Prabhu) and Police Pandi (Soori) are friends who take a loan, to start a real estate business from Vaddi Varadhan (John Vijay). Their venture incurs a loss. Further, many predictable events unfold like Murugan and Yamuna (Sridivya) falling in love, emotional flashbacks being shown, the friends getting caught and so on.


The performances of all the characters make the movie stand out. Post heavy script oriented roles in Kumki, Ivan Vera Mathiri, Arima Nambi and Sigaram Thodu, Vikram Prabhu proves his acting ability in a comedy genre in the most convincing way. Though Soori as the main support actor isn't in his full form, his comedy timing does give a few laughs. John Vijay shoulders the show as the villain, making the viewer not miss any of his dialogues. Be it his white shirt and cool shades or his egg-shaped eyes and a hefty personality, 'Vaddi' has made his presence felt. It is not new for Sridivya to wear half sarees or sarees. Just like 'Lathapandi' in Varuthapadatha Valibar Sangam, 'Yamuna' in Vellaikaara Durai is bold, with unflinching charisma.


The story and screenplay of VD are something that we have seen in many commercial films, now, what makes Vellaikaara Durai a standout is Vikram Prabhu’s screen presence, simple storyline, native touch, uncomplicated relationships and distinct characterization. Choosing to excuse the continuity errors, story spillover and improper comedy timing, the film’s take on love, relationship, friendship and villainy is something to look out for.


Kishore’s editing is notable as it is apt for this movie. D Imman’s BGM is a must mention as the heroic moves of Soori (Yes, you read it right) are emphasized every time he raises his shirt collar or walks stylishly or in the aftermath of a fight sequence. The songs are a good visual break, every time one feels a little overdose of the characters.


The film’s dialogue sync is sometimes a little off but the gripping screen presence of all the actors pulls the errors together and gives the viewers a decent watch. You can see Ezhil’s touch in every scene. This film is here to entertain you !

Verdict: Usual comedy mainstream commercial fare from Ezhil which brings a smile.
( 2.25 / 5.0 )


Vellaikaara Durai (aka) Vellakaara Durai

Vellaikaara Durai (aka) Vellakaara Durai is a Tamil movie with production by Gopuram Films, direction by Ezhil, cinematography by Suraj Nallusamy. The cast of Vellaikaara Durai (aka) Vellakaara Durai includes Sridivya, Vikram Prabhu.