Release Date : Dec 19,2014
Pisaasu (aka) Pisasu review

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Production: B Studios
Cast: Harish Uthaman, Naga, Prayaga Martin
Direction: Mysskin
Screenplay: Mysskin
Story: Mysskin
Music: Arrol Corelli
Background score: Arrol Corelli
Cinematography: Ravi Roy
Editing: Gopinath

If somebody can emotionally validate the incoming of a ghost, that will be director Mysskin for you. Pisaasu is a horror film as promoted, but with a novel touch. The director once again proves he is gutsy and audacious to encounter the Pisaasu from the very first frame. If the intent of a film is to narrate a story, Pisaasu does it quite well.


Naga as the young violinist not only strokes the strings of the violin eloquently, but also proves his mettle as an actor. Prayaga, the beautiful ghost has very minimal portions in her original self, but sends chills down our spine with a Broadway like makeup when appearing as the ghost. Ravi Roy, the cinematographer has brought in the third eye to Mysskin's uncompromising vision. The shot-divisions, camera movement and the lighting not only set the mood but also deliver the scary movements. GoPro and the trademark low-angle shots of Mysskin dramatize events and compel us to have some undivided attention on the frames. Arrol Corelli’s violins are beautiful with his BGM rendering the right depth to the narration.


This Pisaasu does look ugly, but has a beauty within. Thanks to equally gutsy director like Bala, stories like Pisaasu are coming to the theatres. Pisaasu is not a star-driven film. It doesn't have foot-tapping numbers; it doesn't have force-fit humor; it doesn't have a hero who can dodge bullets. Pisaasu doesn't have glamorous heroines with flashy costumes; it doesn't have a racy screenplay but is elegantly engaging. All the knots and the questions in our mind are untied like a gentle breeze, only at the end, and thats what works for the movie.


Supporting cast, sound design, casting and the predicaments in the story are Pisaasu's lifeline. As with every Mysskin movie, Pisaasu too is technically strong. Though there are Mysskin's usual cliches, his satirical take on life is a delight to watch. Especially the instances where the lead actors are terrified.


Pisaasu is definitely fictional and one leaving the theatre satisfied with the story will depend on how he or she has conceptualized ghosts and to what an extent they are willing to be flexible with what they have conceived in their minds about the supernaturals.   The love angle of the story, if at all there was one intended to be, is also pretty weak and unconvincing.


Watch it with patience and open mind, perhaps it might send you back home with a smile.

Verdict: Pisaasu - A slightly different take on ghosts, boldly made!
( 3.0 / 5.0 )


Pisaasu (aka) Pisasu

Pisaasu (aka) Pisasu is a Tamil movie with production by B Studios, direction by Mysskin, cinematography by Ravi Roy, editing by Gopinath. The cast of Pisaasu (aka) Pisasu includes Harish Uthaman, Naga, Prayaga Martin.