Release Date : Jul 31,2015
Idhu Enna Mayam (aka) Ithu Enna Maayam review

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Production: Magic Frames
Cast: Keerthi Suresh, Navdeep, RJ Balaji, Vikram Prabhu
Direction: Vijay
Screenplay: Vijay
Story: Vijay
Music: GV Prakash Kumar
Background score: GV Prakash Kumar
Cinematography: Nirav Shah

A well-executed rom-com filled with new age ideas, curbing the most obvious clichés, will always find takers in the land of Kollywood. Director Vijay tries his hands on making one such film. Has he pulled it off successfully, is what you are going to read below


Vijay has his own fashion of film making. No matter what genre it is, the director leaves some sort of impression in all his films and also propagates one or two messages in the course of narration which could be a little melodramatic at places.


Idhu Enna Maayam follows the usual romedy film pattern. Boy meets a girl, they fall in love, then the unavoidable break up. Will they patch up in the end or not? That’s the grammar of any universal love story. When it comes to a love story, basically, it is all in the screenplay, how intriguing and fresh it is. This film is not completely fresh nor clichéd either, it falls somewhere in the middle. The first half of the story goes fast while second half gets a little dragging towards the end.  


Vikram Prabhu, so far has been enjoying a good strike rate, as far as his hit rates are considered. The scripts that he chooses are different from one another. In fact Idhu Enna Maayam turns out to be his first full-fledged romantic film in his six film career.  On the romantic side, he has delivered what the script needs.


Keerthi Suresh as Maya sways Maayam (Magic) with her beautiful looks. Though she has a handsome set of films up her sleeves, this happens to be her first official release in Tamil. She does have a cute smile but her other expressions are functional.  For a first film, Keerthi looks and acts well.


Supporting cast list which features some interesting names, have a couple of notable performers in the form of Charlie and  RJ Balaji. They have done a pretty good job and so are the other supporting cast members.


Vijay generally extracts the best from GV Prakash. The combo which has churned out quite a number of memorable songs, strikes once again. The film provides ample scope for Prakash to explore when it comes to the BGM department for which he has done full justice.


Nirav Shah has been a pillar of strength for Vijay right from Kireedam days. This would be their 7th collaboration. His camera works are top-class; it gives you the required gloss and freshness that the script demands.


Technically the film scores well. Anthony’s cuts are clean and crisp; the moderate gimmick works that he has infiltrated in between the narration, has indeed added some flavor to the overall output.


On the whole Idhu Enna Maayam is a decent romantic comedy film which doesn’t blow you off completely but it does make an impact majorly because of its technical brilliance! 

Verdict: A watchable melodramatic rom com which scores high on the technical department.
( 2.5 / 5.0 )


Idhu Enna Mayam (aka) Ithu Enna Maayam

Idhu Enna Mayam (aka) Ithu Enna Maayam is a Tamil movie with production by Magic Frames, direction by Vijay, cinematography by Nirav Shah. The cast of Idhu Enna Mayam (aka) Ithu Enna Maayam includes Keerthi Suresh, Navdeep, RJ Balaji, Vikram Prabhu.