Release Date : Jul 03,2015
Baby Tamil Movie (aka) Baby review

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Production: RK Entertainment, Sri Annamalaiyaar Studios
Cast: Baby Sathanya, Manoj Bharathiraja, Shira Gaarg, Srivarshini
Direction: D Suresh
Screenplay: D Suresh
Story: D Suresh
Music: Satesh - Hariish
Background score: Satesh - Hariish
Cinematography: Jones Anand
Dialogues: D Suresh
Editing: Bagath Singh
Art direction: Mayil Krish
Distribution: The Vibrant Movies
Indian audiences have seen numerous ghost flicks aimed at drawing sympathy towards the ghost in a film. Baby is one such attempt with an intensive emotional back story drafted for Anjali Rao (Anne), the ghost.  The avatar in which Anne appears through the film, accomplishes its task of giving the audience the heebie-jeebies.
The movie revolves around Manoj and Shira’s family and how they become vulnerable to danger due to the entry of a child, baby Srivarshini (Aditi). The director, D.Suresh has decided to narrate an emotional tale of how mothers grant their children with an indefinable amount of love and affection by tailoring a supernatural element into it. Though the climax of the film may leave the audience troubled, the director indirectly tries to hint the audience the idea of a sequel. 
Special mentions to both the child artists of the film, Srivarshini and Sathanya! They have no deliberation in their performance or dialogue delivery. They look highly comfortable playing their respective characters. The mother character donned by Shira has complemented the performance value further.  
A movie is emoted not only by the characters on screen but also through the technical aspects that travel throughout the film. Baby is lucky to have had an excellent direction of photography. Cinematographer Jones Anand has tried to set a style through adapting many candid shots and has also enunciated the spooky feel through point of view shots from unexpected spots of the location. The lighting and shadows are created aesthetically in all the important scenes. 
Excessive usage of dip-to-black as an editing tool disturbs the watching experience. This has defragmented the narration and has led to the loss of continuity in the process of narration. Establishment shot before every scene might bore the audience. The music department falls short in two ways. The BGM follows a template that every horror flick does, it continuously prepares the viewer to the entry of the ghost and the songs inserted in between the story do not help to drive the narration. 
Overall Baby though follows the template of most of the Indian horror flicks, it manages to give the thrills and chills.  
Verdict: A fairly engaging, template ghost tale with superb performances from the kids and good visuals
( 2.5 / 5.0 )


Baby Tamil Movie (aka) Baby

Baby Tamil Movie (aka) Baby is a Tamil movie with production by RK Entertainment, Sri Annamalaiyaar Studios, direction by D Suresh, cinematography by Jones Anand, editing by Bagath Singh. The cast of Baby Tamil Movie (aka) Baby includes Baby Sathanya, Manoj Bharathiraja, Shira Gaarg, Srivarshini.