Pokkiri Raja (aka) Pokkiri Raja songs review


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Album Release Date : Feb 14,2016
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Production: PT Selvakumar
Cast: Hansika, Jiiva, Sibiraj
Direction: Ramprakash Rayappa
Screenplay: Ramprakash Rayappa
Story: Ramprakash Rayappa
Music: D Imman
Background score: D Imman

Pokkiri Raja is an upcoming comedy entertainer starring Jiiva and Hansika in lead roles. Music for the film is composed by Imman.

Singers: D Imman
Lyrics: Vivek

The album gets straight to the groove with a racy number sung by the composer Imman himself. The angry sounding electric guitars and husky vocals do the job perfectly.  One can notice the trademark Imman styled bass guitars making their presence felt quite well. The interludes are quite introspective with flavors of Punnagavarali which is so famous for the snake charming tune!

Rain Rain Go Go
Singers: Neeti Mohan, Varun Parandhaman
Lyrics: Vivek

A poetic yet contemporary duet arrives next with gripping rhythm and riveting vocals by Neeti Mohan and Varun Parandhaman. Out of these two competitive voices, it is Neeti who wins the race with her masterful rendition having a tinge of classicism as well as modern style. The chord progression is quite inquisitive and delivers a new perception towards melody. Watch out for a mesmerizing violin duel with Spanish tap dance touches giving the song an international flavor.

Bubbly Bubbly
Singers: Papon, Maria Ride Vincent
Lyrics: Vivek

It is time for a fun filled number and vigor with the silky voice of Papon taking the lead with no debate whatsoever! The foot tapping tune is ably joined with harmonica touches and effervescent rhythm pattern. The interludes are entertaining with trance styled layers and an ample dose of melody. Maria Ride Vincent does a fantastic job along with Papon with her compelling voice.

Waltzing Whistle
Singers: N/A
Lyrics: N/A

A wonderful theme track with the flavours of 70s American Cowboy films occurs next, laden with harmonica, haunting whistle and a mesmerizing violin solo which acts like the soul of the composition. The track makes complete justice to the title with its own take on breezy waltz fused with fantastic whistle rendition!

Taaru Taara
Singer: Divya Kumar
Lyrics: Arun Raja Kamaraj

To give the album an eerie touch, a peculiar number makes an entry with Hip-Hop rhythm section and riffs blended with folk tune and feisty presentation. However, the track edges more towards scariness and the inevitable feel – staying true to the lyrics which speak of meeting death.

Athuvitta (Reprise)
Singers: Vishal Dadlani, Rude
Lyrics: Vivek, Rap Lyrics: Rude

It is time for a mega finale with a reprise version which has additional portions of Rap infused to the original folk track. Vishal Dadlani brings his own style of huskiness and fun to the composition but too many layers create chaos and confusion thereby hindering the perfect result.

Verdict: Couple of instantly accessible tunes and very okayish lyrics make Pokkiri Raja a decent album!
( 2.5 / 5.0 )


Pokkiri Raja (aka) Pokkiri Raja

Pokkiri Raja (aka) Pokkiri Raja is a Tamil movie with production by PT Selvakumar, direction by Ramprakash Rayappa. The cast of Pokkiri Raja (aka) Pokkiri Raja includes Hansika, Jiiva, Sibiraj.