Pichaikaaran (aka) Pitchaikkaran songs review


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Album Release Date : Jan 07,2016
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Production: Vijay Antony Film Corporation
Cast: Vijay Antony
Direction: Sasi
Screenplay: Sasi
Story: Sasi
Music: Vijay Antony
Background score: Vijay Antony

Pichaikaaran is an upcoming action drama film starring Vijay Anthony in lead role. The film is written and directed by Sasi.

Singer: Supriya Joshi

The album begins with a breezy solo which slowly builds up in trance mode. The rough strokes of electric guitar are rightfully balanced with soft strings and quirky bass guitar. Supriya Joshi’s sweet voice is complemented with feel good interludes laced with harmonica. The overall composition has a flavor of Hindustani Raag Desh throughout.

Glamour Song
Singer: Velmurugan

A folk number topped with clarinet and contrasting Hip-Hop portions arrives next in style. Velmurugan’s sultry vocals are blended well with peppy lyrics leading to a peculiar experimentation. The breathless rendition is quite catchy and energy filled for an enjoyable fare.

Nooru Samigal
Singer: Vijay Anthony

An emotional number sung by the hero and composer Vijay Anthony himself with great vigor and passion. The chord progression is quite impressive with right strokes of bass work and in short this song carries the film’s theme quite well. The effective usage of bass guitar adds a new touch to this composition. The interludes are rightfully laced with emotive flute and solo humming.

Unakaga Varuven
Singer: Janaki Iyer

Trance genre gets new experimentation with another melancholic number sung well by Janaki Iyer. The slow beats with progressing symphony do the job perfectly. However, the chorus sounds out of place with an overdose of eeriness. The interludes are laden well with a sad violin solo coupled with trombone.

Oru Vella Sotrukkaga
Singer: Yasin

The melancholic mood continues with another sad number which dwells deep in philosophy and introspection. Yasin does a commendable job in bringing the emotion right for the situation. The interludes stay true to the theme speaking of helplessness in musical terms. However, the song lacks novelty or experimentation for a better listening experience.

Singer: Deepak Doddera

The most melodious song of the album arrives in the voice of Deepak Doddera thereby getting a new definition of classicism. The orchestration almost remains the same as the predecessor but the vocalist makes a whole new difference altogether.

Pichaikkaran Theme Music
Singer: Ananthu

An angry instrumental track which comprises of Gayathri Mantra chants is topped with modern orchestration and strange Arabic flavor as well.  The chord progression reaches a slow crescendo in a timely fashion.

Verdict: Overall a pretty decent album but it does have a couple of thumping numbers!
( 2.25 / 5.0 )


Pichaikaaran (aka) Pitchaikkaran

Pichaikaaran (aka) Pitchaikkaran is a Tamil movie with production by Vijay Antony Film Corporation, direction by Sasi. The cast of Pichaikaaran (aka) Pitchaikkaran includes Vijay Antony.