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Suriya - ''The Indian Police'' is on a whirlwind spree

Jul 08, 2013

Suriya is the man of the moment post the thundering reception to Singam 2 in its opening weekend. He is busy promoting the movie and increasing its reach, through all platforms such as TV, radio and online platforms. His proactive stance on marketing and promotions has made producers a happy lot as they see this as the way to go forward.

This is what Dhananjayan Govind of UTV had to say in his Twitter feed about Suriya's effort at promoting Singam 2. "Outstanding effort by Suriya in all round promotions in TV channels, Radio & Internet. All across it is only Singam 2 & deserves kudos:-). In addition to bringing out a good film, all round promotions help a film to reach bigger heights & wider audience. A must from all top stars. Just check out in Bollywood. Every top star promotes his/her film so much for 2 weeks to achieve huge collections. We need such support here"

In Bollywood, it's a practice for even big superstars and upcoming stars to go the full hog and promote their movie. You can see them constantly doing tours of the country promoting their movie in all cities where there is a market for Hindi films and even our own Dhanush was on a whirlwind tour of the country along with Sonam Kapoor to promote Raanjhanaa.

So, way to go Suriya and looking forward to Dhanush doing similar promotions for Maryan too, as it gets ready to release on the 19th of July.



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