Suriya - A true successor of Kamal Haasan


By jennaabraham

Right from the early stage of his career, Kamal Haasan has set the world on its ear with his vibrant makeovers and onscreen personas. Despite donning different types of clothes, wigs and makeup to suit the script, and giving hit after hit, ‘my best is yet to come’ says the world class actor. It is a well known and resolute fact that it is Kamal who brought in creativity to versatile character appearances to not just Tamil cinema but Indian Film Industry on the whole. Kamal’s painstaking ability to deliver a flawless look in all his unusual on-screen characterisations has wowed many a movie goer.

In recent years, many actors have tried to emulate the legend in the way he chooses his hairstyle and changes his deportment for any role he does. We have seen many winning looks delivered to precision by taking a leaf out of Kamal’s book. It is stirring yet challenging to fill shoes of such brilliance and dedication. ‘It’s Kamal who inspired me to do one film at a time’ said Aamir Khan validating Kamal’s influence on many actors, young and old.

As Suriya garners industry’s buzz due to the excitement over the release of Singam 2, we can’t help but note the many similarities between Kamal and Suriya in their efforts to bring variety to their onscreen appearances in every movie each of them does. The anticipation for Singam 2 is quite high and the sequel is expected to do as good as (if not better than) its precursor Singam. Ergo, it is only natural for us fans to walk down memory lane to reminisce and revel in the rise of the success phenomenon, Suriya.

Even though he was off to a slow start in movies like Kaadhale Nimmadhi and Poovellam Kettupaar, the star had turned the course of his fate when he partnered with the revolutionary director Bala in Nandha. Suriya now having been around the block one too many times, is comfortable in his skin and therefore takes chances with the different styles he experiments with. Movies like Unnai Ninaithu and Mounam Pesiyadhe tugged at one's heartstrings and were pivotal in the increase in number of female fans. Kaakha Kaakha, Suriya’s first police role was a super hit among both female and male moviegoers and added a large sum of new fans to his already growing fandom. His style, appearance and the way he carried himself throughout the movie was a favourite topic of discussion.

Michael Westmore, a well known makeup artist of the Westmore fame in Hollywood alongside RK Sarathkumar assisted Kamal Hasaan in Avvai Shanmughi, for the makeup which took 5 hours and countless imported products to perfect. Suriya on the other hand had toiled for over 3 hours under the hands of Bujji Babu to assume his role as Chinna, the cripple, in Perazhagan.

From playing the chocolate lover boy and then the six pack action hero in Vaaranam Aayiram, to his short cropped haircut and dark demeanour which gave him the broody persona of a cold blooded killer in Aadhavan, Suriya seems to have covered a stunning spectrum. Suriya’s flamboyantly curled and coloured hairstyle in Maattrraan also gives him a reasonably unusual look that was well received by his fans. The smooth suave smuggler avatar in Ayan was a favourite among his supporters. With many a hits come unshakable confidence and this could be one of the main reasons Suriya never hesitates to change his haircut, makeup and facial hair styles if a movie script calls for it.

Ratha Sarithiram that marked his spread of fame to Telugu as well as Hindi audiences portrays Suriya in a dangerous persona that marked an important milestone in his career. This was also another fine example of how imaginative Suriya is when it comes to hair and makeup. Actors like Suriya bring light to the fact that differences in appearance, though very subtle, is important for a successful role.

Suriya will reprise the role of the dominant police officer in Singam 2 where he sports the manly Tirunelveli inspired facial style. With all these different character impersonations and the way he styles himself for each diverse portrayal, Suriya’s fans still can’t get enough and Suriya in turn only keeps on giving. For a fan, it is more than exciting to guess and hope what avatar Suriya would don next. Suriya will ride the wave of triumph for many more years to come and his ability to adapt to the character he plays combined with his enthusiasm to try different makeovers as the script calls for it, only adds to his accomplishments. In this sense we have undeniable proof that Prince Suriya justly is the true successor of Kamal Haasan, the King of disguise !



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