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Dear readers / viewers who have been the ‘wind beneath my wings’ to take our Thamizh cinema sky rocketing high!

Today I’d like to dedicate this song specially to my equal half, Haricharan, who walked into my life on 9/11/1977 and…we now live sharing a bond layered with love, luck and laughter!

Today is more than 3 decades of ‘wedded bliss’ for us.

Though I’d probably not live up to these lyrics and Hari gives me the space I require to ‘fly with my dreams far and wide’ this is a song very close to my heart.

It reminds me of the wonderful 3 days we spent in China, Hari, our youngest daughter Sraiyanti and Vijay, of course I mean the one and only Ilayathalapathy.

We went for the screening of director Siddique’s Kaavalan in Shanghai which was selected amidst 1000s of entries. It is a day (almost) as memorable as my wedding day, to be on foreign soil, watching a film subtitled by ‘yours truly’, with Vijay and Hari on either side of me…with people who love our films so whole heartedly as the enraptured audience.

When we were having a quiet dinner the previous night, Vijay was mentioning about his wife as ‘better half’ and I amended it with a smile, ‘equal half’. Next day we were on a cruise on the river Shanghai when my husband was nowhere in sight and immediately Vijay smiled and said tongue-in-cheek-ily, ‘Go (thaedunga, unga equal half-ai) and look for your equal half, he’s missing’

This song from the film ‘nilavae vaa’ (1998) reminds me of yet another favorite of mine, its precedent, from the film ‘karna’ (1995, Arjun starrer) malarae mounamaa, a gem from Vidya sagar’s treasure chest, which will soon feature in ‘rekhs underscore’

This song is to bonds wherein you can proudly say, ‘me and you, you and me that’s the way it will always be’ be it between spouses, parent-child, friends forever or mother-in-law and daughter-in-law!

Life has ups and downs, no matter how blessed we are, to spot the silver lining in our darkest cloud is what makes our existence meaningful…don’t give up hope.

Enjoy this beautiful song, click here:

For Vijay fans who might have missed this:

Until next week,
“with wonder in most everything I see”


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