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Hi people…in ‘rekhs underscore’ this week I’d like to share with you a ‘breezy song’ in the ‘oooohhh aaaah NO ouch’ voice of my favorite singer Haricharan.

I remember calling him up after his soulful song in Parijatham “unnai kandaenae” and saying ‘ Hi I am Mrs Haricharan speaking’ There was pin drop silence of course on the other end! I laughed and said ‘you’ve robbed my husband of his gleeful boast, ‘I’m the only Haricharan in the directory!’ and now I can counter that saying his name no longer holds single pride of possession!’ Thus started my admiration for this smart singer with a cool as cucumber voice…he sings with effortless ease…be it

Arabu naade from Thottaal poo malarum
Unnai paartha pinbu from Leelai
Yaar indha penn dhaan – Boss engira Baskaran
Aariro – Deiva thiurmagal
Kaadhal oru devadhaiyin kanava- Marina
Aiyaiyo aanandhamay – Kumki

And I think the last mentioned song title elaborates what I / we feel hearing his voice! Of course full credit to Joshua Sridhar and to the director I respect immensely, Balaji Sakthivel, for giving him the break in Kaadhal. The above list is random, what came off my head so pardon me if I’ve left any other memorable ‘down memory lane’ song of his.

Oooops! This song besides being sung by my husband’s namesake is dedicated to Karthi…where do I begin… to tell the story of this lovable character…and I cannot stop if I start talking about Sivakumar anna’s family! 101/100 to Lakshmima (Karthi’s mom) for doing an excellent job on her 3 children.

Karthi…my ‘thambi’…film enthusiast…truly good human(e)being, he doesn’t act humble, he IS, simple guy, a child at heart…intelligent, can grasp stuff in a nanosecond but claims he can’t(!) with utmost modesty, innately compassionate and most importantly success has not gone to his head.

Highly focused is an under statement, his dream was to act in movies and he made it happen!

He is an example to most of you youngsters out there who want to ‘make a deep impact in the reel world’.

It’s easy to say ‘he had his dad and bro’s backing’

…but no, you can’t be more wrong in this! I know for a fact Sivakumar ‘anna’ doesn’t interfere and an elder brother who is in the limelight and doing very well for himself is definitely not an advantage! I would label it as a ‘challenging road block’!

People will tend to compare…so natural to do so. But Karthi with his endearing smile, commitment and perseverance of the most single-minded kind followed his dreams and here you are

One of my favorite songs from this film.
Lyrics by the very versatile Na.Muthukumar.
Thank you Selva, supporter of my cause, for the ‘spot on’ upload!

I’d like this song to reach all Non-Thamizh people world over, so please share this with all your friends.

The soundtrack was scored by Yuvan Shankar Raja Audio launch was held on 22 November 2009 at Satyam Cinemas. The director I admire for his simplicity of nature and imposing impressive representation on celluloid, Shankar released the soundtrack. . . and rest is history!

Wishing ‘all in all azhagu paiyaa’ the best of both worlds, reel and real…may your life be surrounded with love, luck, laughter and lauded by film buffs transcending beyond language and latitude, dear Karthi! Though belated, the wished are from the bottom of my heart!

Rock on…treat us with a feast soon!;)


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